Education matters: Spring 2014

Connected North: Education in high definition

Domenic Belmonte talks with Willa Black, VP of Corporate Affairs at Cisco, about the Connected North project.

Education Matters - Spring 2014 issue

Technology is changing the way we interact, learn and work.

All sectors are being faced with the challenge of disruptive technology, and are seeking ways to adapt traditional delivery models to make accessing services more convenient, personalized and efficient.

As such, our team surveyed Canadian teachers, students and parents to see what they think the future of education looks like, and what they expect decision-makers to be thinking about now to meet their changing needs.

This edition of education matters builds off of the findings of our citizen engagement report, The Connected Classroom: How Canadians see the evolution of education. It looks at two ground-breaking pilot projects: Canada's first for credit Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Dino 101; and Connected North, a cultural sharing initiative between northern and southern classrooms.

These initiatives are leading examples of how innovative use of technology in learning can drive better learning outcomes and find efficiencies at the same time. Our team is passionate about building on the success of our education system, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to begin a conversation about how we could help.