Education Matters

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Our quarterly publication dedicated to issues affecting students, teachers and faculty, administrators and institutions

Welcome to Education matters, a publication created by PwC’s Education practice team that covers issues affecting students, teachers and faculty, administrators and institutions today. Through these publications, we hope to share experiences and ways education institutions could meet and address future education challenges. Feel free to reach out to our Education practice team to help with your education matters.

Presidents' perspective: trends in higher education
Today’s students are driving rapid change in the world of higher education, so we took a look at the landscape and asked industry leaders how they're responding to the changing needs.

Education matters: Seventh edition
Many colleges and universities across Canada know that modernization isn’t an option; it’s an imperative.

Education matters: Sixth edition
To be seen as leading institutions, and attract top talent from around the globe, Canadian educational institutions need to be agile and distinctive.

Education Matters Fifth Edition – Fall 2014
Canada’s one of the world’s top education performers. But one of our greatest challenges is to continue providing high quality service, while meeting increasing budgetary restraints and increasing demands.

Education matters: Spring 2014
Technology is changing the way we interact, learn and work. All sectors are being faced with the challenge of disruptive technology, and are seeking ways to adapt.

Education matters: Winter 2014
In this issue of Education Matters, we explore how colleges, universities and school boards in Canada are continually trying to find ways to do more with less.

Education Matters: Fall 2013 issue
In this issue of Education Matters, we explore the challenges leaders in education face and how a strong internal audit function can help address those issues.

Education Matters: Spring 2013 issue
With increasing student expectations and declining funding, post-secondary institutions must find ways to get the most from their spending dollars. This publication provides ideas to transform how colleges and universities operate.