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Obtaining and retaining talent a huge challenge for the sector

When your core business is developing and commercializing intellectual property, hiring the best and brightest people isn't a luxury — it's vital to your success. For the Canadian life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, acquiring business-savvy senior management and has been an ongoing challenge. Companies in this sector need to hire and retain individuals who can take drug and other health-related products through the clinical regulatory process and on to commercialization. It's not an easy proposition.

Part of the challenge is attracting individuals with the necessary skills and experience in science as well as strong business skills. The Canadian industry needs to recruit aggressively across a wide range of roles - from chief executive officers to those who can work in regulatory affairs, business development, clinical development and manufacturing.

The Canadian life sciences and pharmaceutical sector needs talented senior managers if it wants to compete globally. And it's not just about getting capable leaders in the door — it's also about retaining them once they're there.

How we can help

Our array of human resource services can help your company address the issues around recruiting and retaining the talent you need. Our human resource group can assist in designing efficient cash and stock based compensation and benefit plans. Our risk and regulatory practice can perform background checks on key hires. Our Human Capital Efficiency Measurement Services (also known as "Saratoga") can help you benchmark the effectiveness of the hires you've made. Contact us to see how we can help you acquire and keep the life science professionals you need.