Junior mine 2015

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Time for change

Unconventional strategies to disrupt the downturn

The junior mining sector remains caught in the midst of an unparalleled downturn. Equity and debt markets have dried up and cash reserves are reaching new lows. Waiting is no longer a viable strategy: junior miners need to take urgent action now, before crisis hits, and do whatever it takes to find the cash to keep their businesses and projects moving forward.

Junior mine 2015, looks at the challenges facing junior miners and the unconventional strategies that deserve serious consideration. We explore aggregation, de-risking, non-traditional financing and dealing with periods of financial distress — and share insights from junior mining leaders whose determination and willingness to embrace new thinking is creating future value.

“The challenges in the junior mining sector persist and the industry is really at a crossroads. Despite the downward trend we have seen some real comeback stories this year – those junior miners who have moved from simply keeping the lights on to breaking with convention and transforming their business have given us a glimpse into what could be a more optimistic future.”

- Liam Fitzgerald, Canadian Mining Leader

James Lusby, PwC,

Mark Patterson, PwC

Nochane Rousseau, PwC

John Burzynski,
Oban Mining

Patrick Donnelly,
First Mining Finance

Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse,

Derrick Weyrauch,
Jaguar Mining

Gordon Bogden,
Alloycorp Mining



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