Colombian mining matters: Learn how to tap into the potential of the Colombian mining industry

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A PwC video publication series

Colombian mining matters trailersColombian mining matters trailer
Colombia mining matters video 1: Gaining insights into today’s South American hot spotPart 1: Gaining insights into today’s South American hot spot
Colombia mining matters video 2: Discovering the dynamics of a growing industryPart 2: Discovering the dynamics of a growing industry
Colombia mining matters video 3: Knowing the systems and opportunities to succeedPart 3: Knowing the systems and opportunities to succeed

Colombia has recently seen exponential growth in its mining industry — and the promise continues. Although Colombia has a long tradition of mining dating back to pre-Hispanic times, that potential went largely untapped in modern times due to socio-political unrest. Though Colombia is the fifth largest exporter of coal in the world, much of its territory and potential for mining gold, emeralds, silver, nickel and platinum remains unexplored.

However, improved security conditions have increased investor confidence, creating a business-friendly environment and a resurgence of Colombia's mining industry. 

This video publication, "Colombian mining matters" examines Colombia's mining industry in-depth, offering investors insights into many pressing questions:

  • How mining friendly is Colombia?
  • What key industry, social and environmental issues should you weigh when considering investing in Colombia?
  • What industry organizations can help you navigate the local mining industry?

Our three-part video publication series explores the potential for mining in Colombia in the coming years.

The first video in our series examines how mining friendly Colombia is and offers insights into the socio-political landscape. The second video presents practical information about the dynamics of the Colombian mining industry, such as how to obtain a mining concession, environmental and community issues you need to consider and organizations that can help you. The third video covers important technical questions about the country's regulatory environment and provides tips on financing options.