Elevate: Executive Mining Mentorship program

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    The Elevate: Executive Mining Mentorship Program is our response to a challenge we’ve heard vocalized by executives in the mining industry: top talent acquisition and retention.

    The goal of Elevate is two-fold: to help develop future CEOs, CFOs and COOs in the mining industry and to provide support to existing C-Suite executives. Elevate aims to provide a mentoring relationship to help mining professionals feel confident and supported as they make strategic business decisions, while offering opportunities to deepen their network within the mining industry. Mentees accepted into the program will be matched with a senior partner in PwC’s mining assurance, tax, consulting or deals practice. There are no direct costs associated with this program.

    Having a senior mining partner to bounce ideas off and reach out to for support is never a bad thing. It just may help you acquire that competitive edge you’re seeking, help set you apart from your peers, and prepare you to lead your company into a new chapter of growth and innovation.

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    What does the program involve?

    • If selected as a mentee, you will be matched with a senior partner in PwC’s mining assurance, tax, consulting or deals practice
    • The mentee-mentor relationship will officially last 12 months
    • It is mandatory that mentees and mentors meet monthly for approximately an hour. In-person meetings are preferred, but we realize due to the nature of the industry you may have a heavy travel schedule preventing the option of in-person meetings each month. That being said, it is still the expectation that you are in contact with your mentor at least once per month.
    • What will you talk about? That is between you and your mentor, but expect to discuss business challenges and opportunities and how you can contribute to the growth and success of your company
    • Networking opportunities – on a quarterly basis the mentees, mentors and 2012 alumni will meet for dinner or cocktails to encourage connectivity with other mentees and mentors in the program. It’s a great opportunity for you to build your network.

    What can I expect to get out of Elevate?

    Now more than ever, innovation is crucial. To get ahead you need to bring creative problem-solving skills to the table and offer unique ideas that lead to new opportunities, increased efficiencies and heightened cost management. As you develop your business strategies it can be helpful to have another experienced executive to bounce ideas off, giving you the assurance and confidence to push your ideas forward or address potential pitfalls.

    Your mentor can help you strengthen your corporate career in mining by:

    • Acting as a sounding board for new ideas and creative problem solving solutions
    • Expanding your professional network and visibility within your company and making valuable connections in the mining industry
    • Engaging in candid conversations around challenges and opportunities you are facing
    • Broadening your current understanding of the mining industry and the opportunities that exist for you and your company

    It’s a competitive world out there

    Elevate offers a limited number of mentoring relationships across Canada and the Americas. This is a unique opportunity. Individuals who’ll benefit the most from this program are those who are developing their careers or executing strategic business decisions. But the real crux of the program is making sure mentees are matched with the proper mentor. We will only accept a mentee into the program if we can guarantee on our end that we have the right mentor that fits—we want to do what we can to make certain this is a positive and rewarding experience for all mentees.

    Who should apply?

    • Executives, senior manager, or director at a mining company
    • 10-20 years of work experience
    • Specializes in tax, finance or operations
    • Identified as a passionate individual with high potential by at least two senior executives within the industry or your company
    • Able to identify what you would like to get out of the program and how you believe a mentor would benefit your career
    • Can commit to meeting monthly with their mentor

    The selection committee will consider the points mentioned above when selecting candidates for the program.

    Selection requirements and deadlines


    • Candidate selection process will commence August 15, 2014 till September 15, 2014
    • Candidates will be notified of their acceptance on September 15, 2014
    • Mentee kick-off call on September 22, 2014
    • Local kick-off dinner with mentees, mentors and 2013 Elevate Alumni on September 30, 2014