Junior Mining Headquarters: Tax Services

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Structuring tax effectively

Whether your operations are in Canada or around the world, effectively managing the various tax regimes can drive great value for your company and shareholders. Our mining tax professionals can facilitate:

  • Constructing effective cross-border strategies
  • Managing your local, regional and global tax rate
  • Establishing tax efficient deal structuring
  • Creating transfer pricing strategies
  • Structuring a flow-through shares strategy

Our tax team in Canada is not only knowledgeable about the Canadian tax regime, but has a deep understanding of the various complex tax structures throughout the Americas. When applicable, we are able to connect you with PwC mining tax professionals in the local regions, in addition to our experienced Canadian tax team members. Also, PwC’s Mining Centre of Excellence is located in Canada; our tax practitioners have quick and easy access to the tax leaders in all the key mining jurisdictions in the Americas.