Junior Mining Headquarters: Mergers and Acquisitions

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Growing strategically

Transactions in the mining sector remain high and are rapidly changing the landscape of the mining industry. Mining companies need to be in a position to anticipate deal opportunities as well as threats from competitors – responding quickly and appropriately.

Using cross-functional teams, our Deals professionals advise not just on the financial aspects of a deal, but across a wide range of operational and commercial activity. We can help you complete deals faster, with less disruption and on more favourable terms, whether you are on the buy or sell side of the transaction.

What you need to consider on the sell side:


  • Make informed decisions and build an understanding of key value components and value drivers with our analysis

Advisory Assistance

  • Identify risks, opportunities and value leaks with reverse due diligence
  • Improve quality and consistency of information you provide to potential investors

Tax Planning

  • Facilitate transactions with no adverse tax consequences to you
  • Minimize downward sale price adjustments due to tax exposures

Fairness Opinion

  • Improve decision making and corporate governance through credible evaluation