Canadian mine

In these times of fiery competition, we wonder... How are today’s decisions helping build the Canadian mine of tomorrow?

Mining companies once again make up over 50% of the total market capitalization of the TSX-V as of June 30, 2016

In the 12 months ended August 31, 2016, market capitalization of all mining companies on the TSX increased by 44%

Gold price rose 22% by the middle of the year as of June 30, 2016

3x increase in lithium prices since 2015

This year we bring you Canadian mine, a view of the entire industry from the junior mining sector to the top producers on the TSX. We will be sharing perspectives from leading mining executives as well as data analysis over the course of the fall. 

Beyond the downturn: A focus on financial discipline and innovation in Canadian mining

Beyond the downturn highlights an industry in better shape than it has been in several years, with investment beginning to flow back into strategic acquisitions and capital projects as we near the end of 2016. Many of the gains have been driven by gold, although certain base metal prices have begun to rally. However, the future remains unclear as there is a possibility that significant political and economic uncertainty around the world could translate into downward pressure on commodity prices in 2017.

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Industry disruptors: Accelerating change with innovation and unconventional thinking

The dark days of the downturn may be over but the environment remains uncertain, and executives today need enhanced tools and analysis to understand more clearly the value and risks associated with the status quo and with pursuing new opportunities.

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Lithium: The new energy revolution

Lithium is enjoying a growth story unlike any other commodity these days, driven by the global emergence of the electric vehicle market, expanding demand for high-capacity energy storage and the ubiquitous presence of more powerful, consumer handheld devices.

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Junior mine 2016: Signs of life

It’s too early to call it a recovery, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel for the Canadian junior mining sector.

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Key findings

Equity raises vs. debt raises by stage of mining ($ million CAD)

The 230 mining companies listed on the TSX made up 11% of the market’s total $2,596 billion market capitalization as of August 31, 2016.

That figure represented a 3% increase in the relative weight of the sector from a year earlier, even as the number of mining companies listed decreased by 12%.

Stage of mining of top 100 mining companies

There is significant growth in the overall sector with a rising number of lithium companies

The technology and energy sectors will soon become the prime consumers of lithium.

TSX-V market capitalization, 2016 top 5 mining companies ($ million CAD)

TSX-V market capitalization, 2016 top 5 mining companies ($ million CAD)

The top five junior mining companies in 2016 accentuate the early signs of improvement the sector has shown this year.


Interview with the experts

Interview with Hélène Timpano, Vice President, Business Optimization, Kinross Gold Corp.  

Combining business and technical minds for greater discipline  
To help it make the right choices, Kinross Gold Corp. has adopted a creative concept known internally as Project Value Assurance. The process adds business experts to the technical teams of engineers, geologists and other mining specialists and allows the company to examine its projects through an economic lens from day one.

Interview with Jamie Porter, CFO, Alamos Gold Inc.

Looking past short-term volatility
A year and a half after merging with AuRico Gold Inc., the new Alamos Gold Inc. is focused on insulating itself as best as possible from the unpredictable forces that define so much of the sector.

Interview with Guy Bourassa,
CEO of Nemaska Lithium Inc. 

Prices for lithium have soared on big expectations for electric vehicles and high-capacity energy storage
What distinguishes the winners in a crowded market? Guy Bourassa, CEO, Nemaska Lithium Inc., shares his insights on how to tackle the challenge in today’s market.


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