Webcast: Getting it right – Becoming consumer-centric

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Most insurance companies are looking to become more customer-centric, but what does being “customer-centric” really mean and is it enough to make a meaningful impact on customer value?

In an environment of changing consumer demographics, preferences and expectations, how do insurance companies provide the most value to their prospects, brokers/advisors and customers, and how do they build the right strategy?

This Insurance Club EyeOpener session - Getting It Right– Becoming Consumer-Centric discusses the challenges, implications and success factors of effective consumer-centric strategies. We also discuss how customer relationship management, customer experience and customer value proposition interact to support a consumer-centric model.


Paul MacDonald
Former Director, PwC Consulting & Deals

Amanda Rotundo
Former Director, PwC Consulting & Deals

Davis Yoo
Director, PwC Consulting & Deals


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