Pension Pro

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OSFI requires that regulated pension plans prepare two annual returns, the Annual Information Return (OSFI 49) and Financial Statements and General Interrogatories (OSFI 60) to ensure the requirements as set out in the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985, and its associated regulations are met.

We developed PricewaterhouseCoopers Pension Pro to help you fulfil your regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively.

What is Pension Pro?

The Pension Pro software package was designed to be simply integrated with your existing Excel (version 7 or later) spreadsheet environment and requires only a basic knowledge of spreadsheets and data entry.


What it can do for you?

Pension Pro will reduce the time and energy you spend preparing and completing regulatory documents. Designed to automatically manage data, Pension Pro can calculate subtotals, totals and ratios, and copy or import directly from other Excel files.

OSFI has determined that it would like to receive the data in XML format. Pension Pro accommodates this request and generates the required output files in the format prescribed by OSFI.


Learn more about the benefits of using Pension Pro by visiting the PwC Pro Web site.