Life Pro

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Your life insurance organization is required by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) and Statistics Canada to prepare and file various detailed returns on a quarterly and annual basis. We can help your organization satisfy its regulatory requirements in a proficient and effective way designed to save you both time and money.

Introducing our electronic annual statement form solution tailored to meet your needs — PricewaterhouseCoopers Life Pro

What is Life Pro?

The Life Pro software package was designed to be simply integrated with your existing Excel (version 7 or later) spreadsheet environment and requires only a basic knowledge of spreadsheets and data entry.


What it can do for you?

Life Pro will reduce the time and energy you spend preparing and completing regulatory documents.

Life Pro is an automated process that carries forward the prior year's numeric and text data, calculates subtotals, totals and ratios, and provides extensive cross-checks of various returns.

With its custom menu command, Life Pro is designed to allow you to choose what you want printed, whether it may be the full return, individual pages, changed pages or a group of specific pages.

Life Pro also generates the data output required by the various regulators in the prescribed format, provides a Validation Report, and includes other functions to assist you in completing your regulatory returns in an efficient manner.


To learn more about the unique features of Life Pro, please visit the PwC Pro Web site.