Webcast: The Future of Insurance 2020

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Insurance Club Eyeopener Fall 2011


Section 1 – Introduction 2:27
Section 2 – STEEP Drivers 6:24
Section 3 – Future Scenarios 17:23
Section 4 – Implications 42:16
Section 5 – Conclusions 57:25

Insurers who can anticipate and plan for change can create their future, while others who are "Fast Followers" need to be agile enough to recognize the leaders and follow them. The "Survivors" are likely to be focused on short-term performance. Which one are you?

This PwC Insurance Club EyeOpener presents highlights from our current research on Project Blue: The Future of Insurance. Project Blue explores not only the key drivers of change for the insurance industry as a whole, but also the implications for your business. Our extensive research reviews the sweeping changes across social, technological, environmental, economic and political perspectives.


Jamie Yoder
US Insurance Advisory Leader
Partner, PwC Diamond Consulting Practice

Allan Buitendag
Canadian Insurance Consulting Leader
Partner, PwC Consulting

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