Insurance 2020

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Insurance 2020 and beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention
Insurance 2020 and beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention, reviews the developments we’ve seen and takes a look ahead to the major trends.

Insurance 2020: Equipping your business for the global tax revolution
In our latest global publication, we break down the changes on the horizon for Canada’s insurers and explore how they will affect the skills, systems, and organization of tax teams.

Insurance 2020: Forcing the pace – The fast way to becoming a digital front-runner
Many life and pensions businesses are scrambling to keep pace with the increasing impact of digital in their marketplace. Could there be a faster, cheaper and more flexible way to grasp the digital potential?

Insurance 2020: A quiet revolution - The future of insurance M&A
In this paper we make seven overarching predictions for the coming three to five years and we look at the economic, demographic, technological and regulatory factors driving change in insurance M&A.

Insurance 2020: Unleashing the value from values
While many insurers are seeking to remodel their culture for the new market realities, most are only scratching the surface because they’re failing to translate their intentions into real changes.