Making Care Mobile

A roadmap to the virtualization of care

As services in nearly every aspect of daily life become digitized, Canadians are demanding greater access to their information and more personalized experiences. In Making care mobile: shifting perspectives on the virtualization of care, respondents indicated that they want three things:

  1. to engage proactively in their health,
  2. to gain easier access to services, and
  3. to exert more control over their care.

Virtual health (vHealth) and mobile health (mHealth) solutions have the capacity to address these issues.

Emerging care models can feature vHealth and mHealth solutions that advance the quality and safety of care, increase accessibility, reduce costs, enhance client self-care, and improve the overall experience for patients and their families. But with so many factors to consider before virtual care can be implemented, where should health care leaders begin? Read our study to learn key steps to consider.

A roadmap to the virtualization of care