Attracting and motivating people

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Finding the right people to support a changing business focus in the forest sector

To succeed globally, the forest, paper and packaging (FPP) industry must transition from a manufacturing-driven sector to a customer-driven one. Making this change starts with the company frontline: employees. Staff make up the lifeblood of a company so it makes good business sense to draw on their help and feedback.

Sector leaders need to find people who want to engage the customer, sell the company’s distinctiveness and make a deal. Stimulating a new customer-focused culture starts with motivating existing personnel and attracting new staff. Without talented young employees, sector leaders cannot fill upper management vacancies. But unlike the oil sands or IT sectors, the FPP sector faces significant challenges in developing the cutting-edge corporate image needed to attract young, skilled staff. Companies need to have the right incentive models for people entering the workforce and processes to groom potential management.

How we can help
PwC can assist you with investing in leadership development and coordinating a strategy to improve your company’s image. We will help you consider how to position your company as an employer of choice and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that may attract younger talent.

Our Saratoga™ can benchmark the effectiveness of your workforce in comparison to other companies in your industry while our Reward and Compensation team can facilitate a long-term compensation strategy and reward programs.