How we support junior oil and gas companies

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We realize that junior oil and gas companies are busy focusing their efforts on finding, exploring and developing their oil and gas assets. In order to help junior companies make well informed decisions in today’s dynamic energy market, we help by providing timely information and advice.

Our dedicated junior oil and gas team works only with junior clients. This allows for a seamless transition of industry expertise and a strong commitment to our junior clients. We can help you with:

Transaction assistance – IPOs and M&A activity

IPOs and M&A activity require many complex tasks to be completed in a short period of time. Juniors are often lean organizations and may not have the resources to manage these tasks. Our junior team consists of well-trained experts to guide you through the complex process.

Becoming a public company requires adherence to intricate regulatory, administrative, financial reporting and corporate governance bylaws. Rather than dedicating your resources to compliance and adherence issues, we can provide support to familiarize you with these controls and to become comfortable operating with a new reporting structure.

International expansion

As Canadian junior companies consider expanding their business interests globally, PwC’s Global Energy Network can provide support to ensure that you understand the numerous differences in regulations, controls and accounting policies wherever your operations are. We have assisted many Canadian clients with structuring and capitalizing their foreign investments and repatriating capital and profits.

For those foreign companies considering investing in Alberta energy assets, we have the expertise and experience to assist with knowledge transfer and education to clarify complicated facets of the oil and gas business in a new country. This helps break down cultural and language barriers so that management perspectives are properly considered and issues are explained fully.

IFRS and complex accounting advice

PwC is a thought leader in the development of practical solutions for IFRS implementation by Canada’s energy industry. We participate in the debate on accounting for decommissioning liabilities, impairments, farm-outs and other oil and gas topics. Currently, we are preparing clients to transition to the recently approved standards on Joint Arrangements, Consolidation and related disclosures which will be effective in 2013.

Certification and diagnostics

From developing a lean control framework for the ERCB’s (Energy Resources Conservation Board’s) new certification requirements on EPAP (Enhanced Production Audit Program) to a specialized CSOX diagnostic tool for junior oil and gas companies, PwC continues to keep pace with the issues that impact the industry. We are problem-solvers who can provide sound, practical advice on challenges your company faces.