Banking Banana Skins — The Canadian Results


Why do Canadians see cybercrime and technology risk as the top risks this year? What are their counterparts most concerned about? We explore the answers in this year's report.

Banking Banana Skins is a unique report that provides insight into the changing risk factors facing the global banking industry, as seen by a wide range of bankers, banking regulators and close observers of the banking scene around the world. The latest report includes insights from over 670 responses from 52 countries including Canada. 

How does Canada compare to their global counterparts? 

  • Seven of the same key risks appear in the domestic and global top 10
  • Canadians rank social media and regulation in the top 10, while their counterparts are more concerned about quality of risk management.
  • Regulation no longer tops the list globally or in Canada, but remains in the top 5.


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