An Employer’s Guide to the GST/HST Pension Plan Rules

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Preparing to file the December 2010 GST/HST return


Employers face a range of GST/HST compliance requirements related to pension plans. If they have a pension plan, a December 31, 2010 year end and monthly GST/HST reporting periods, they must remit tax on certain deemed supplies on returns by January 31, 2011.

This webcast will help employers participating in a pension plan deal with their new compliance obligations. Members from PwC's Indirect Tax group walk you through a practical explanation of the new rules, and provide a list of actions to meet the January 31, 2011 compliance obligations.

The topics addressed include:

  • Reporting tax on deemed supplies in the GST/HST return
  • Identifying actual and deemed supplies by the employer to the pension entity
  • determining the fair market value of deemed supplies and calculation of applicable tax
  • examining the rules when multiple plans and a master trust are involved
  • Issuing Tax Adjustment Notes (TANs) to a pension entity when there is both an actual and deemed supply of the same resource and
  • Informing pension entities of the tax they are deemed to have paid on deemed supplies.