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Citizen Compass

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Creating the dialogue to shape Canada's future through citizen engagement

Canadians’ service delivery expectations are changing. Citizen Compass, our online citizen engagement initiative, helps understand Canadians’ attitudes toward government and health care services. Our goal is to help governments and the health care industry set citizen-centred service delivery standards for the future.

What is a citizen engagement project?

Research is conducted through a choicebook, an online tool which gathers informed opinions from a survey panel. We take individuals through an interactive experience, where they learn about the key issues being addressed and some of the advantages, disadvantages and trade-offs. These individuals are randomly selected and complete several pre-qualifying questions before beginning the choicebook, to get a sample that reflects the Canadian population.

These are the citizen engagement projects we’ve spearheaded to date:

Making care mobile: Shifting perspectives on the virtualization of health care

Paving the way for the next generation of eservices

Public Priorities for Ontario's Health System: A report of the Citizens' Reference Panel on Ontario Health Services