2012-01-10 Closing the GAAP: New Canadian GAAP Pronouncements (includes developments to December 31, 2011)

This newsletter presents a summary of new Canadian GAAP pronouncements in Part II, III, and IV of the CICA Handbook relevant to financial statements prepared in accordance with Canadian GAAP (includes developments to December 31, 2011).

The attached memorandum summarizes Canadian GAAP pronouncements that must be applied, if applicable, for the first time to a calendar year-end company that is preparing financial statements in accordance with Canadian GAAP. This newsletter sets out new requirements by the calendar year in which they are first effective. Developments relate to Canadian GAAP as set out in the following parts of the CICA Handbook:

Part II - Private Enterprises
Part III - Not-for-profit Organizations
Part IV - Pension Plans

This ACS Newsletter supersedes the information in this previous Newsletter and will be updated quarterly. Developments since the previous newsletter, if any, are highlighted in yellow.

While we have attempted to make this newsletter as complete as possible, it may not include all changes or modifications to existing authoritative literature that may affect a particular enterprise.