Vision to Reality Awards

2013 Finalists

Our panel of judges have announced the 2013 Finalists. The Innovator of the Year, Top 10 Up-and-Coming Technology Companies and People's Choice award winners will be announced at our awards event happening in Toronto on November 7. 

Between now and October 31, fans of the companies below can have their say via social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Vine, as to who they think should win the People's Choice Award. Click on the company names below to learn more about the finalists and to have your say.  

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500px is a photo community powered by creative people worldwide that lets you discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photographs.

The first version of 500px came to light in the early days of digital photography. Over the years, the 500px platform went through a number of revisions and changes, growing together with technology and photographers, and keeping focus on the highest quality photos.


Bionym is a team of thinkers and innovators aimed at shaping the world of technology through biometrics, authentication technology, and our concept of identity. Specializing in biometrics and authentication technology for consumer electronics, Bionym also develops technology that uniquely utilizes gesture control, proximity detection, and application development.


Datawind is a developer of wireless web access products and services, offering a series of wireless web access devices and related web delivery platforms. They are the inventors and makers of the much talked about Aakash tablet. We are committed to bringing the next billion people into the internet age by offering internet access devices with very affordable, anywhere, anytime internet connectivity.

D-Wave Systems Inc.

D-Wave was founded in 1999 with the goal of making practical quantum computing a reality. For 5 years the company worked to gather IP and ideas on all different aspects of this area. D-Wave currently owns over 90 granted US patents and has over 100 pending patent applications worldwide relating to quantum computing and superconducting electronics.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak are designers, web geeks, architects and artists with a simple goal: to create high quality clothing and accessories and share them at a remarkable price. The tight knit crew handles every detail of your experience: from the website, to the design of our clothes, to the way we deliver your goods.

Global Relay Communications Inc.

Global Relay Communications Inc. was founded in 1999 and has provided enterprise message archiving and monitoring services for fourteen years. Global Relay provides services directly to customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia plugging into their corporate messaging environments via a global distribution network.

Method Integration Inc.

Method Integration’s roots have always been in small business software, having first developed QXpress, a field service scheduling software for QuickBooks.

In days of QXpress, they learned that small business users had a great desire for customization. They demonstrated this with their passion for designing and customizing their own reports using a drag & drop, wizard-based report designer. This spawned the thought... why limit that to just reports? What if an entire app was built that way?

Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs is a rapidly growing company that's dedicated to the development of gesture control, wearable technology and human-computer interaction. Their flagship product, MYO, received 10,000 orders in just two days, and continues to generate a massive amount of excitement about the future of wearable computing.


UrtheCast is a space technology startup with a bold mission: to provide the world with a near-live stream of the Earth, using HD video and imagery.

Vena Solutions

Vena Solutions delivers a flexible performance management solution for budgeting, forecasting, planning, reporting, analytics, and other mission-critical finance and accounting processes to large and mid-market companies around the world. Vena’s unified web-based software platform embraces all the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel yet provides powerful workflow management, control and reporting capabilities.


Angel investor and startup mentor, founder Martin-Luc Archambault wondered why it was so difficult to search through what his friends had shared with him. "My friends share bits of wisdom each day across social networks — there has to be an easy way to tap into this knowledge." This idea gave birth to Wajam.

What started as a prototype with one engineer and one business guy quickly grew into a 44 person startup crunching massive amounts of social data. Today, the team works on the forefront of innovation — bringing you the best in social search.


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