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As a board member, it’s important to stay at the forefront of business issues and know what’s next for your industry and the company you oversee. Explore our business issues publications to make sure both your fellow directors and management are keeping an eye on the big picture.

US: 10Minutes on conflict minerals
10Minutes on conflict minerals provides insight into the strategic benefits and risks companies will want to focus on as they comply with the SEC's conflict minerals rule.

Canada: Part II: Tax Update for Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)
This update is a follow up to the 2010 Tax Alert for Non-Profit Organizations. It discusses the CRA's NPO Identification Project and highlights the recent developments in assessing the tax compliance of organizations in the non-profit sector.

Canada: Change – Finding the Best Fit Approach
The following publication discusses ways that your organization can avoid the pitfalls that change can bring how you can get the most out of your change strategies.

Canada: Are you compromised, but don’t know it? A new philosophy for cyber security
When foreign governments, organized crime, or hackers target an organization, the techniques they use to compromise the network and enable sensitive data theft are well planned and methodical. Advanced cyber threat groups are extremely patient, tending to invest heavily in the research and development of custom malicious code and clever means to exfiltrate data; all designed to slip past the cyber security radar.
The future of cyber security is going to require an evolved philosophy that assumes a state of compromise.

US: PwC's 2011 Global Equity Incentives Survey — The rise of performance-based equity — Executive summary
The lingering impact of the financial downturn continues to affect companies' compensation programs. Our last Global Equity Incentives Survey, performed in 2009, revealed that companies expected compensation levels to remain flat or even decrease. The good news is that companies have a more positive view of compensation levels in the short term, while continuing to express optimism about the long term. The slow nature of the recovery, however, is causing companies to remain conservative. This conservatism, when combined with the unprecedented stakeholder scrutiny of executive pay over the last few years, has seen performance-based equity become the compensation vehicle of choice for companies.The rise of performance-based equity provides key insights from the PwC 2011 Global Equity Incentives Survey, the seventh in the survey series.

Canada: The power of social media: How CIOs can build business value using social media
This paper explains the difference between social media and social collaboration and why CIOs and CTOs should become social media role models for their organization.

US: View: innovation, mobility, CEO strategy and more
Download View, issue 14.

US: Eyes of the CFO: Finance professionals speak out about their evolving roles in the M&A deal process
The role finance professionals play in the M&A deal process varies from company to company. Leading technology companies are finding value in broadening the finance function's role across the deal process to get more deeply involved in early-stage activities, as well as in achieving and measuring success.

Global: Trading blocs: What next for the stock exchanges?
PwC provides perspectives on the recent trends affecting M&A activity within the global stock exchange sector, focusing on potential future developments within the emerging markets.

Canada: 2011 federal budget ends deferral of corporate income tax through the use of partnerships
Do any of the corporations in your group have a substantial interest in a partnership? Corporate partners with taxation years ending after March 22, 2011, could be affected by budget measures that curtail the deferral of partnership income. This Tax memo outlines the implications.

Canada: Social Media — The New Business Reality for Board Directors
The following article by Debbie Dimoff, a vice president with PwC’s Technology Consulting practice, discusses the impact of social media on corporate governance and the role of directors.

Canada: Wealth and tax matters - Winter 2011
PwC’s Wealth and tax matters focuses on ideas for increasing and preserving your hard-earned dollars, because it’s not what you make that really matters in the end, it’s what you keep.

US: 2011 Current developments for directors
This annual publication looks from the director's point of view at the key issues they are facing, offering information, insights, and practical guidance so that directors can meet the demands of their role more knowledgeably and enrich boardroom discussions.