Board Effectiveness

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Being effective in the boardroom is about asking informed questions, requesting in-depth analysis when it’s needed and sharing responsible feedback with your fellow board members and company management. It’s also about being open and listening to the diverse opinions of those you work with. The following resources are meant to help you do just that.

US: The quarter close: Directors edition Q2 2013
The Q2 2013 edition updates you on leadership changes at the SEC and FASB, FASB & IASB issue leases proposal, new balance sheet offsetting disclosures and the SEC’s conflict minerals rule.

US: BoardroomDirect Special Edition: ProxyPulse
The July 2013 edition provides a deep dive into shareholder voting patterns with a focus on company size. It specifically looks at director elections, say on pay, board declassification, political spending disclosure, and the key questions directors might ask.

US: Continuing the conversation: Directors speak
The winter 2012 edition of our US Center for Board Governance publication includes information on whistleblower bounty, CEO succession planning, say on pay, and IT risk.

US: Board Governance Series, Vol. 19
This series features commentary from both PwC and external corporate governance professionals on issues impacting boards. This issue includes articles on the impact of the economic crisis on audit committees, tips to optimize your audit committee, and thoughts on whether the 'say on pay' vote achieved its objective.

US: Annual Corporate Director Survey 2011 findings
More than 800 corporate directors shared their thinking on the current business and regulatory issues such as Dodd-Frank, advisory votes on executive compensation, and the financial crisis in the annual corporate directors survey conducted by PwC.

US: 2012 Current developments for directors: Finding direction in uncertain times
This annual publication focuses on the critical governance issues directors and senior executives face, offering information, insights, and practical guidance to help directors meet the demands of their role and enrich boardroom discussions.

US: To the point: Current issues for boards of directors
From the SEC’s new rules on whistle blowing and supply chain disclosures, to the move from US GAAP to IFRS, is your company prepared for the changes? In this report, each issue is looked at in depth, offering you the insights and perspectives that will help you develop the strategy your company needs.

US: 10Minutes on the boardroom agenda
Directors recognize the changing governance landscape. New governance regulations, risks associated with emerging technologies and fraud, and the effects of the economic downturn have corporate directors focusing on ways to increase their effectiveness in the boardroom. Executive compensation, risk management, and succession planning are three areas of focus for directors.