Total Tax Contribution: Surveying the Canadian Council of Chief Executives

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In recent months, there has been great public interest in how much tax large companies pay and whether companies are paying “the right amount” of tax in Canada. Transparency around tax policy and tax payments is receiving greater attention from a range of stakeholders, including civil society organizations, media, the public and government. The focus of this attention has primarily been on the corporate income tax contribution made by companies. However, corporate income tax is only a component of the contributions made by Canadian companies to public finances.

The Total Tax Contribution survey takes into account not only corporate income tax, but all taxes borne and collected by a company. The survey provides an analysis of tax data for sixty-three member companies of the CCCE and highlights the contribution made by these companies to Canadian public finances. It also provides valuable insights into the complexity of the Canadian tax system.

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PDF icon Total Tax Contribution 2008 - Canada's Tax Regime: Complexity and Competitiveness in Difficult Times (1.56 MB)
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PDF icon Total Tax Contribution report — Canada's tax regime: complexity and competitiveness (1.53 MB)
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