Promoting excellence, whether it is for athletic or intellectual pursuits is important to us

We continued our sponsorship of Team PwC, our support for high-level Canadian athletes who reflect the diversity of our people and the values of our business: leadership, excellence and teamwork. One of the goals of this program is to help our athletes go beyond sport and strengthen their interpersonal and business skills through media appearances, speaking engagements, client hosting events and meeting PwC employees from across the country to share their experiences.

PwC also continued to invest in education. In FY2013 we donated $507,000 to post-secondary institutions across Canada, up from $364,000 in FY2012. While this number has increased, our total support for non-charitable sponsorships has decreased by a similar amount from $2,882,000 in in FY2012 to $2,689,000 this year.

The National Business Book Award is a prestigious $20,000 award sponsored by PwC that recognizes outstanding talent in Canadian business writing. The winner of this year’s National Business Book Award was Bruce Philip for his book, Consumer Republic: Using Brands to Get What You Want, Make Corporations Behave, and Maybe Even Save the World, published by McClelland & Stewart Ltd.

PwC Canada is also a founding sponsor of Canada’s CFO of the Year Award

This annual accolade is given to a senior financial leader who has made an outstanding contribution to business in Canada. This year’s winner was Brian Lawson, CFO at Brookfield Asset Management. Mr. Lawson was named Canada’s CFO of the YearTM by an independent committee composed of several prominent members of Canada’s business community. The judging criteria are as follows: vision and leadership; corporate reporting and performance; social responsibility; innovation and business complexity. Award candidates from a wide range of business sectors were nominated by CEOs, members of boards of directors, financial analysts and other senior executives.