Waste Reduction and Recycling Practices

We celebrated our first anniversary at PwC Tower at 18 York Street, our new head office location and received LEED® Gold certification for the building in the first half of FY2013. Building on the commitments we made during FY2012, we continue to actively look for ways to improve processes and facilities. To that end we benchmarked waste generation and energy use against prior data to ensure we are meeting targets established for this new space. These results are included within our GHG emissions report.

Our local Corporate Responsibility committee continued to engage employees in green office tours (including our green roof), and has put a particular focus on educating people about the building’s key environmental stewardship initiatives:

  • Optimized energy performance with effective use of daylight, installation of motion sensor lighting controls and implementation of energy efficient light bulbs and appliances; 
  • Low flow water fixtures including dual flushing option toilets using rain water collected on our green roof; 
  • Our green our cleaning process including the use of EcoLogo™ cleaning products.

During FY2014 we took possession of a new space in Oakville to replace our Mississauga and Hamilton, Ontario locations at the end of their leases. The new building is guaranteed LEED Silver but through our current construction process we’re aiming to achieve LEED Gold status, similar to the PwC Tower. Some of the environmental initiatives we’re taking include a storm water management system that will capture and treat 90% of average rainfall, use of regionally manufactured materials and a process called “right to light”, which ensures all workspaces will receive a significant amount of natural light.