Measuring our Success

Measuring our success

We give our employees the tools to gauge the firm’s success and employ their feedback


In our FY2013 Global People Survey (GPS), we got high marks and/or saw improvements in several areas, including our efforts to ensure that people feel save to voice their opinions and the ways we are addressing enhancements to our work-life flexibility programs.

We were able to achieve these strong results because we listened closely to the feedback from the FY2012GPS and continue to put a few key actions into place:

  • Open and transparent environment: we actively solicited and encouraged staff feedback including live Q&A in Town Halls; conducted various staff focus groups; developed a new CEO’s Suggestion Box on our Portal; and created a Staff Council, which provides a means for two-way dialogue with our CEO and his Canadian Leadership Team (CLT) on matters of importance to our staff
  • Work/life flexibility: we increased monitoring of workloads and looked more closely at our resource levels and staffing models to identify options to better address peak period needs; asked partners and senior staff to support and help manage workloads and day-to-day informal flexibility; and promoted and supported participation in our various flexibility programs.
  • Total rewards: we increased the use of our Marquee rewards program including greater recognition through Spotlight bonuses; provided staff below manager level with more Acclaim points to improve recognition of their peers’ efforts; and increased the transparency around compensation decisions so that people have a better understanding of their total rewards and how it links to their performance and progress in their career.

For a sample of our results, please see the Key Performance Indicator table.