Engaging our People

Employee engagement

Raising awareness with our people and in our communities is at the heart of our Environmental Program.

PwC’s environmental network is the foundation of our environmental stewardship strategy. It is made up of 14 local committees across 22 offices in Canada. This volunteer-based network is driven by enthusiastic employees who strive to be catalysts for change. These environmental committees provide opportunities for staff passionate about environmental stewardship to connect with others and share their ideas about how to bring this work to life. Our committee members are driving change both within PwC and out into our broader community, raising awareness among colleagues and clients and building skills as responsible leaders.

In FY2013 we stabilized our committee membership after experiencing a decline during FY2012. Feedback from employees suggested we needed to come up with new approaches to help them with time management, local communication and recognition programs. In response to this feedback, we brought together our environmental and community engagement committees under one banner. Our renewed Corporate Responsibility (CR) committees were provided with streamlined templates for communications, along with a dedicated staff member on our national CR team to provide ongoing coaching and support. Employees were encouraged to focus on deepening their knowledge about CR issues and sharing their time in ways that worked around their schedule and passions. We reduced the pressure to deliver results.

This approach supported an increase in our local committees’ effectiveness and their ability to engage our employees in environmental activities. You can read more about one example from our Vancouver Office within this section of the document. In this year’s Global People Survey (GPS), we saw a five point increase in our question related to their perception about the firm’s commitment to environmental sustainability (see Key Performance Indicator Table on page 30). During FY2014 our goal is to build on this success and further increase our GPS results. Empowering our employees to make a difference to remains a top priority.

Corporate Responsibility Week

In FY2013, we continued to build on the success of our annual CR Week by broadening our programs to help more employees engage in environmental stewardship, the community, responsible business and inclusion activities.

What gets measured gets managed

Throughout the second year of our energy and carbon reduction strategy, we continued to track, measure and report on the key areas targeted by the strategy. To improve our performance we:

  • drive our energy awareness campaigns through our CR committees
  • support our alternatives to air travel such as video-conferencing solutions
  • increase the opportunities for our employees to partake in flexible work arrangements by using technology solutions

We also transitioned to quarterly data collection and internal reporting of our carbon footprint to help us better manage these key performance indicators and to improve the quality of the data we collect.