Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to creating an understanding, accepting and supportive workplace for all our people

We strive to recognize the value of each and every one of our people. We realize that on our inclusion journey we need to address challenges and barriers faced by different groups within our firm. For this reason, within our broader inclusion strategy, we took specific actions in FY2013 on the following dimensions of diversity building: gender, visible minorities, LGBT, disability and Aboriginals. We also recognized and supported religious diversity, generational diversity and encouraged flexible working arrangements in order to accommodate the diversity of outside work commitments and family life of our people.

We continued to strengthen our governance and accountability frameworks during FY2013. We were successful in having diversity and inclusion set as a standing agenda item for our Extended Leadership Team meetings each quarter. We also named a new Chief Inclusion Officer during the second half of the year. Our work also focused on the following key areas:

  • Understand bias and monitoring our progress through a new Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) dashboard: Using information from our employment equity survey, we created a new D&I dashboard to better understand our differences across geographies, lines of service, sub-competencies and within localized teams. This allowed us to understand if there are existing biases within recruitment, performance and career advancement processes. We will continue to monitor this work during FY2014 and plan on rolling out additional training on unconscious bias awareness.
  • Equitable Leadership Assessment (ELA): Building on commitments made in FY2012, we were successful in rolling out our Equitable Leadership Assessment tool to the firm’s Extended Leadership Team (ELT), comprised of 21 of the firm’s most senior leaders. They used a tool from TWI Inc. called the Equitable Leadership Assessment (ELA), which is a unique performance management tool designed to measure behaviours and competencies that are consistent with inclusive and equitable leadership. The goal was to develop more inclusive leaders who can role model and be a catalyst for change and communicate the firm’s commitment to inclusion. Following the assessment, each ELT member devised their ELA action plan for the year with TWI’s ELA coach, Trevor Wilson. Trevor is working closely with each ELT member to follow up on their plans and help them achieve their goals. We will report on progress related to this program during FY2014.
  • National inclusion survey and workforce census: During the first half of FY2013, we launched a firm-wide inclusion survey. The objective was to collect more detailed demographic information about our people along with feedback on their experience of inclusion at PwC. To ensure a strong response rate, our CEO and Chief Inclusion Officer created a video message reiterating their commitment to inclusion and the importance of participating in the inclusion survey. In addition, our CEO made a request to display the D&I strategy and promote the inclusion survey on all screen savers across the firm, whereas normally our screen savers display our national strategy. In this instance, our CEO believed this to be of national importance and for two weeks the screen savers encouraged all of our staff to participant in the inclusion survey.
  • Diversity dialogue sessions: We augmented our inaugural National Inclusion survey with a series of Diversity dialogue sessions during FY2013. We attained more than a 50% response rate from our survey and reached out to more than 200 staff members from each line of service at all staff levels to conduct face to face conversations focused on enhancing inclusiveness in the workplace. Based on these results and direct interaction with our people, we’ll be focusing on further embedding inclusion in our key people processes during FY2014. In order to achieve greater impact, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion will work collaboratively with the Human Capital leadership team to jointly devise the right action plan.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Week and strengthening our Employee Resource groups: Building on best practices we learned during our FY2012 Corporate Responsibility Week, we created an independent Diversity & Inclusion Week celebration. This week raised awareness about our Employee Resource Circles (ERC) and took the opportunity to promote two new inclusion-focused PwC publications: Inclusion Matters and You’re not what I expected.

Throughout FY2013 we supported our ERCs in securing new executive sponsors for their work and helped them engage our employees and clients in networking and celebration events. Here are a few highlights:

    • Our GLEE circle hosted the firm’s first GLBT Pride celebrations in Toronto engaging more than 100 employees, allies and clients.
    • Our Women in Leadership circle in Montreal created a networking group for women in mining helping to strengthen relationships between emerging leaders in Quebec.
    • Our Black Professionals Circle hosted a series of roundtable discussions about career development workplace diversity opportunities. They also presented their thoughts on a National PwC webinar for clients during Corporate Responsibility week.

Accessible Client Service

During FY2013 we completed a variety of workplace accessibility audits and put in place programs and initiatives to enhance barrier-free access for individuals with mobility, visual or audio disabilities. We remain fully compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (2005). Some of the ways we strengthen this commitment include posting accessibility information on pwc.com, including temporary disruption notices and by providing training for all Ontario staff on accessible client service. We continued to make modifications to our office spaces during FY2013 to remove barriers and have ensured our new office building in Oakville, Ontario has been built in accordance with barrier-free regulations. We will continue this work in FY2014.