Coaching, Learning and Development

Coaching, Learning and Development

Equipping our people with the skills and business acumen they need to be successful in their current roles as well as throughout their entire careers

We delivered a series of coaching training sessions for our staff including diversity and inclusion material. We also improved the frequency and quality of coaching conversations. One such example included our Coach Connect program piloted by our Consulting & Deals practice. The program focused on enhancing the impact of our coaching program by offering new tools and support to our team. The tools helped improve evaluation and measurement abilities and resulted in stronger coaching relationships and improved employee performance.

For PwC partners, we implemented a new external coaching strategy that provided focused support for key partner transitions and senior leadership roles. A total of 33% (137) of partner population received this specialized training during FY2013, compared to 18% (75) in the previous year. Feedback from the coaching experience yielded an overall net promoter score of 4.2 out of 5 and highlighted areas for future process improvements and integration to be implemented during FY2014.

Overall, we will continue to make coaching a strategic focus in FY2014. Our Consulting &Deals practice will be rolling out the Coach Connect program across the country, while our Audit and Assurance practice will be developing a similar series of programs. Our Tax and Internal Firm Services groups will focus on career and development coaching and are looking for virtual platforms to deliver the sessions.

Global mobility

In FY2013 we continued to focus our efforts on providing opportunities for secondments to and from emerging markets. We look to match our high-performing talent with opportunities that allow them to connect with people, build new skills and broaden their perspective on the global economy. These secondments help build skill sets and capacity not only for the people taking part but also for their co-workers both in the host country and in their home region. In FY2013, 82 people (16 outbound, 66 inbound) participated in a Global Mobility secondment – an increase of 15 people (22%) from FY2012.

Enhanced Working Practices and Experiential Learning

In FY2013 we continued to expand Enhanced Working Practices (EWP) across all of our lines of service, placing increased emphasis on using EWP to deliver strong client service. Additionally, we started to embed the practices into formal learning programs, including a new program called Dare to Doubt, which helped our partners and managers coach their engagement teams to apply professional skepticism when working with audit clients. After the highly interactive classroom event, including a simulated court case, participants organized engagement team workshops where all team members identified and discussed areas of professional skepticism as it related to their clients. More than 55% of our Canadian employees experienced EWP on-the-job during FY2013 and many more were introduced to the practices through formal learning events. In FY2014 we will look to further cement EWP as part of our culture, branding EWP as our on-the-job coaching approach and embedding it into key people processes, such as on-boarding, recruitment and performance management.