Transforming Your Business

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We talk a lot with our clients about their business services, and many of them no longer want to focus on just one functional area. They want to know how they can get the most from all of the elements of their back office – crossing the functions of HR, IT, procurement, property and finance. Although the starting points for these discussions vary, our clients share common end goals – increased efficiency and consistency of process, significantly reduced cost, enhanced quality and the business agility required to support growth.

We refer to these broad-ranging programs as business transformations because when they are done well, they transform the entire organization – not just by reducing cost, but by instilling a cultural legacy of continuous improvement, by driving out waste and duplication and by freeing up time for the business to make better decisions. Cross functional business services generate greater value than it is possible to achieve through single function initiatives – yet early implementations across multiple functions have offered mixed results.

The following white paper discusses the key elements of business transformation – including vision and strategy, process and system standardization, and target operating models – and how PwC’s approach can help you.