A Look at the Future of Mobile Data

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A Look at the Future of Mobile Data‘Information on the run, anytime, anywhere’ was the promise of early versions of mobile data applications and devices. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and other proprietary platforms seemed to offer consumers the ability to take content and the Internet with them wherever they went. It didn’t quite happen like that. Slow speeds and small screens along with per kilobyte pricing that baffled consumers meant that the user experience fell very short of the industry’s ambitious promises.

But smartphones, high-speed connections, ‘all-you-can-eat’ data tariffs, and the removal of the operators’ walled content gardens are driving a dramatic change in attitudes and uptake to mobile content and data.

This publication presents an overview of the current mobile data landscape for both operators and content creators. It discusses ways in which operators and content creators can position themselves to succeed with a mobile data strategy review, including critical questions to conduct a health check on their mobile data strategy and plan.

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