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17th Annual Global CEO Survey – The Canadian Summary

PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, launched at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, provides insights on the issues top of mind for CEOs in Canada and around the world.

This year’s survey brings together the opinions of over 1,300 CEOs from 68 countries, including 52 in Canada, on a wide range of themes – including growth, innovation and technology, trust, talent, government, and regulation.

Overall, 92% of Canadian CEOs are confident in their revenue growth prospects over the next 3 years – an opinion shared by the same percentage of CEOs globally. However, differences between Canadian CEOs and their global counterparts suggest that their expected growth may come from different activities. In Canada, for example, 40% of CEOs see their main opportunity for growth coming through new joint ventures, strategic alliances, or mergers and acquisitions, compared to just 20% of CEOs globally.

Despite the positive outlook, Canadian CEOs remain cautious, especially in critical areas like technology and innovation and talent management. Almost 70% of Canadian CEOs are concerned about the speed of technology change, while just 27% believe the government has been effective in developing an innovation ecosystem to support growth. Similarly, 77% of CEOs see building a skilled workforce as an organizational priority, while only 19% believe the government has been effective at supporting jobs for younger workers.

For a brief overview of key Canadian findings, click on the following links:


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PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey

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