PwC's Assurance professionals understand how businesses work from the inside. With more than 2,500 Assurance professionals in 26 cities across Canada working closely with public and private companies, we help solve complex business issues faced by management and boards, and serve the public interest by supporting capital markets system through reliable financial reporting.

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What we do

Our teams ask questions, test assumptions and evaluate whether companies are reporting information upon which investors and others can rely on. We combine deep technical skills and sector experience to help our clients address the challenges of a rapidly changing environment and strengthen their businesses.

Career Path
Senior Associate
Senior Manager


What you'll do

Joining us in Assurance will put you at the heart of understanding how businesses operate. You’ll have a clear path for advancement, be supported in your development, and gain exposure to a diverse range of clients and industries, while playing your part in safeguarding the capital markets.

The audit is a vehicle of trust because it provides assurance over the integrity of companies’ financial reporting. You’ll add credibility to the assertions of management about the financial condition and performance of a company. The audit itself enhances corporate governance and plays an important role in ensuring the reliability and relevance of business information.

At PwC we're proud to use leading-edge technology (such as Aura, Halo and Connect) to ensure we're at the forefront of how audits are delivered to our clients. Using these tools, you’ll go beyond the obvious and develop real insights into a client’s markets, technology, people and management, as well as its finances.

We’ll also provide you with all the support you need to get the job done so that you can spend more face-to-face time with clients and gain exposure to a broader array of technical issues and challenges. Whether it’s bringing in professionals from our Flexible Talent Network (a contingent workforce that helps teams during busy season) or outsourcing routine work to our Delivery Centres (such as tying out financial statements, vouching or administrative work), we help you work more efficiently and accelerate your career.

With PwC, you’ll have the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and serve clients in one or more industries and sectors, which could include:

  • Asset Management
  • Automotive
  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Energy
  • Entertainment, Media & Communications
  • Industrial Products
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Private Equity
  • Technology
  • Utilities


"I help clients solve complex business issues and communicate their company's value to shareholders." Fahad, Associate, Assurance


What we look for

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to collaborate closely with clients and colleagues to win their trust and confidence
  • Strong communication skills to present ideas clearly and concisely, while listening actively
  • Proven project management abilities to handle changing priorities and workload levels
  • An ability to think innovatively about ideas, insights and information
  • Commitment to perform with integrity and courage to do the right thing by colleagues and clients
  • An aptitude for building genuine relationships that create value and create trust
  • Willingness to learn, grow and excel in a thriving, market-focused environment that demands and rewards excellence
  • Outstanding grades in accounting and business courses, or conversion programs and the intellectual ability to succeed in the demanding CPA exams

What we do

Our assurance and audit practices help clients report information that investors and others can rely on and evaluates accounting and reporting practices, business risks, and internal controls to provide valuable insights. Through Pathways, a new three year rotational program, you will gain experience in the Audit, Risk Assurance Services and Capital Markets Accounting Advisory Services streams.

Career Path
Senior Associate


What you'll do

Through our new three-year rotational program, you’ll get expert training and development as well as have a structured and clear career path for the future. You may have the opportunity to gain exposure to several areas within Assurance:

  • Audit: You’ll work closely with public and private companies and help them solve complex business issues through reliable financial reporting. Our teams ask questions, test assumptions and evaluate if companies are reporting information that investors and others can rely on. You’ll add credibility to the assertions of management about the financial condition and performance of a company.
  • Risk Assurance Services: You’ll help organizations effectively manage their risks and increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Our teams help clients demonstrate that, whatever the threat, there's a plan in place to deal with and mitigate that risk.
  • Capital Markets Accounting Advisory Services: You’ll focus on accounting standards and regulatory requirements as capital markets and businesses evolve more quickly than ever before. Our teams make sure clients keep up to date with these changes and the significant complexities they can introduce. This could include internal process and control design or optimization and interview-based analysis and documentation of current procedures.

Over the three-year period you’ll receive targeted learning and development. As you progress, we’ll work with you to align your work experience to areas that most closely match your interests and capabilities and our business needs, enabling you to decide where to specialize.

It’s an exciting time to join this program as we build and launch it in our Calgary and Toronto offices. You’ll have high visibility to our teams with this unique entry point. Exact program details are being mapped, and your feedback and input will help us shape and develop this new career path.


What we look for

  • Accounting/Commerce-related degrees or appropriate CPA conversion programs
  • Candidates interested in a rotational program that provides broad exposure before deciding on an area of specialization
  • An interest in risk, regulatory requirements and stretching yourself to gain new experiences
  • Examples of leading yourself and others through on-campus and extracurricular roles
  • People who are authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate
  • Examples of building relationships which are genuine and rooted in trust
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to articulate new ideas
  • Technical strength to deliver quality and value for our clients
  • Proven project management abilities to handle changing priorities and workload levels
  • An ability to travel to clients and offices across Canada

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