PwC’s Actuarial professionals use complex financial and statistical theories to calculate the likelihood of events – anything from a natural disaster to a wholesale IT system failure – to help our clients understand uncertainties and what that means financially for them. It's highly technical work that is also challenging and creative as you find new and innovative ways to distill complex findings into easy-to-digest information for clients.

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What we do

As an actuary, you’ll work with uncertainty. Using complex financial and statistical theories to calculate the likelihood of events you’ll work out what that means financially for clients. Our work makes a difference in determining insurance premiums, managing financial risks for banks, or establishing a company's retirement plan.


What you'll do

Throughout our practice areas, we help clients evaluate risk by carrying out complex calculations and developing forecast models. Our actuarial practice includes:

  • Actuarial-Life: Consulting services to life insurance companies, reinsurance companies and government agencies, including product development, valuation, modelling, capital adequacy testing, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, and strategic analysis work.
  • Actuarial-Property & Casualty (P&C): Consulting services to P&C insurance companies, reinsurance companies, government agencies and alternative risk-sharing mechanisms. Consulting projects include reserve analysis, dynamic capital adequacy testing, ratemaking, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, and financial analysis.
  • Actuarial-Pensions: Pension consulting services to clients with respect to funding, accounting and administration of a defined benefit pension plan. Consulting projects include due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and pension plan windups.

"I help insurance companies quantify their risks by designing and developing valuation models." Alice, Manager, Actuarial


What we look for

  • strong analytical skills and a good background in statistics
  • strong written and verbal communication skills to present and explain complex findings clearly and with impact
  • working towards a bachelor degree in Actuarial Science, with excellent grades
  • successful completion of some actuarial exams and active pursuit of completing actuarial examinations
  • proficiency in MS Excel and experience in AXIS software is an asset

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