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Maxime, Senior Manager, Assurance

Maxime is coaching teams to help them learn, grow and excel.


Maxime's story


Graduated from McGill with a BCOM


Collaborated on auditing assignments in South America


Promoted to senior manager

2012, 2011, 2010

Finalist for PwC CEO Award


New dad!


Maxime believes the only limitation you have is yourself. He joined PwC in 2003 because he wanted the best opportunities to succeed. Since then, he's experienced opportunities to work on several different continents, teach Assurance courses, lead teams as a senior manager and even score a few goals for PwC sports teams. He embeds PwC's core value of teamwork in everything he does, and gives it his all every time. With his people-first-approach to coaching, he empowers his team to achieve their goals and really make a difference. Maxime's hard work and talents have been recognized numerous times as a finalist for the CEO Award.

  • 7.30am — Arrive at PwC to prepare team briefings
  • 10.30am — Quick chat with a coachee
  • 2pm — Montreal mining team meeting
  • 4pm — Prepare report and update partner on progress of files
  • 5.30pm — Wrap up and prepare the "TO DO" list for next day