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This is the place where you'll experience opportunities to work flexibly in a culture that supports your personal and professional interests. You have opportunities to do it all.

To accommodate the inclusive work environment for our people and provide you with clarity and transparency around our work life flexibility options, PwC has developed 'myLife", your one-stop for all your work life flexibility needs.

myLife is about creating a culture that supports and encourages greater flexibility. We know that flexibility is not a "one-size-fits-all" concept. Flexibility means something different to each of us, depending on our career and personal goals and stage in life. For some, it may mean leaving the office early to volunteer as a sports coach one night a week, or having the flexibility to work from home on occasion. Others may prefer more formal options, but whatever your needs, we provide you with the opportunities to make things mutually beneficial as you progress through your career with us.

The following is an overview of our various flexibility programs:

Flexible Time

Flex Days

  • This program provides you with the ability to take a day off (a Flex Day) when you may have worked long hours, or at the end of an assignment, or project. It's a way to recognize the extra effort that's sometimes required in order to meet deadlines or commitments. It can be taken any day of the week and is available all year.


  • Flexi-Time refers to flexible work hours in which you have some choice in the pattern of your daily work hours, staggering the start and end times of your work day, while still working a regular length workday.

Compressed Work Week

  • This type of arrangement involves a standard work week compressed into less than five days.

Reduced Hours

  • A reduced hour arrangement offers you the opportunity to work less than full-time work, either working a limited number of days a week, a limited number of hours per day, or a combination of these.

Flexible Time Away (FTA)

  • While specifics vary by line of service, the fundamentals of this program are similar. You may take an unpaid leave over and above your vacation entitlement and remain covered by all benefits during the time off.

6 for 65

  • As your career progresses, you'll have opportunities to use our "6 for 65" Program. This program allows you to work six months a year and enjoy partially funded time off for the remaining six months. For example, seeking education, travelling or looking after family members.

Flexible Location

  • We offer teleworking programs to support staff in working remotely. For example, our programs range from working remotely one day a month every month (available to everyone without the need for formal agreement), to working from home every day of the week on a formal remote working plan.


  • PwC encourages you to take time off from the office to provide a break and help you relax over and above 'stat days', when our offices close. Immediately upon joining the firm, you'll be able to enjoy three weeks of vacation per year. To provide you with flexibility in planning and using your vacation time, you can bank up to a maximum of one years' vacation entitlement, making that trip to Australia a little easier.

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