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Your career path will be unique, diverse and exceptional. We want to give you the best opportunities to excel and shine. Discover how a career with us will benefit you for life.


We're committed to helping you learn, develop and master the skills and experiences that will set you apart from the crowd. Discover opportunities to participate in courses, workshops and on-the-job training, while collaborating on diverse projects with some of Canada's best-known brand names to entrepreneurial private companies.



We want you to be all you can be and more. That's why our culture focuses on your rapid development. You'll be assigned a coach on day one to help you develop your skills, diversify your experiences and reach your goals. We believe in building relationships where people can share, connect and respect one another, an integral component of how we do things around here.


Enhanced Working Practices

What really makes us different is our Enhanced Working Practices. We thrive on giving people opportunities to shadow, participate in workshops, give feedback and apply some lessons learned. We do this because it will help you learn faster and smarter, which not only benefits you, but also our clients.


International experience

With us, you can go anywhere—literally. We have 157 territories where PwC has offices, where you can grow your career, experience new cultures and learn new ways of doing things. It's all part of the opportunity of a lifetime to get the best for your career, wherever it may take you.


Got DR!VE?

PwC’s new mobility initiative called DR!VE puts you in the 'driver’s seat' of your career.

This initiative lets you step up to take on short-term, local and virtual work assignments outside of your day-to-day responsibilities— test DR!VE-ing new work experiences as you lend your skills to other teams and projects. Through experiences like these, you’ll be able to grow your network, bring greater value to our clients and build the skills and capabilities that make you a PwC Professional.

Developed by staff, for staff and owned by you - our DR!VE opportunities are constantly updated and open to all PwC staff with six months or more experience with the firm.

DR!VE gives you amazing exposure to and experience across the different areas of PwC, which will make you a better leader – no matter where you steer your career.


CPA support

On your journey to complete your CPA, we support you every step of the way through our Pre-Approved Programs. Our dedicated CPA Centre of Excellence' professionals are working hard to support our students through the CPA. We want to make sure you are well positioned for success.

In your local office, you'll be assigned a CPA coach. Your coach or the centre of excellence will be available to answer your questions, offer insights and recommendations, as well as guide you as needed. You'll also experience opportunities to participate in training seminars, workshops and practice sessions, along with relevant and supportive reference materials. As you prepare for the CFE, you'll be able to track your progression using the report cards provided by our mock exam tracking system.

We know the exams require hard work and dedication, so we give you plenty of time off to study and we pay for the exam fees.

The CFE is a rite of passage, but rest assured that when you come to work at PwC, you won't have to go through it alone.



Our programs give you the opportunity to build a strong foundation of core skills with a variety of learning experiences.

Assurance associates: You'll move across clients and industries, which can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the size and complexity of the client. This non-specialization will help you build a broad range of knowledge, skills and connections.

Management consultants: You'll complete a two-year structured semester focus on core consulting practice areas, that equips you with the training experiences, skills, relationships and knowledge required to build a successful career at PwC to become the management consultant of the future.

Risk Assurance Services associates: You'll complete a three-year rotational program across enterprise resource planning, performance assurance and financial assurance support, risk and the data analytics group. You'll develop the skills, knowledge and relationships that span across industries. You'll also have access to the CPA and CFE program and tools to help you excel in your career.

Tax associates: You'll complete a rotational program that allows you to get your designation directly through tax. You'll rotate through a number of tax groups, which could include opportunities in corporate tax, transfer pricing, personal tax, international tax, mergers and acquisitions, and Scientific Research and Experimental Development. You may also experience a rotation through our assurance group.

Technology associates: You’ll complete a rotational program that will allow you to experience different technical practice areas within our Risk Assurance Service group including: cyber security, privacy, data analytics and enterprise resource planning. This experience will help you provide integrated solutions to our clients’ risk problems, so that they achieve the best performance and keep their critical assets better protected.



The insights, connections and skills you build at PwC will benefit you for life. This is why your personal and professional relationship with us is long-term, even after people decide the time has come to move on from PwC. Our alumni program is about developing a lifelong relationship with our people.

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