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James Davidson

National Senior Manager, Campus Talent Acquisition

Phone: +1 403 509 6600
Twitter: @voiceofjamesd




  • University of Essex, UK
    BA Honours History & Sociology
    MA Social & Cultural History

Line of Service

I lead the national campus talent acquisition team for PwC.  I’m responsible for ensuring we meet our Partners’ expectations in the campus hiring space.  This includes the attraction, selection and onboarding of 800+ talented students every year.   

Why did you choose to work at PwC?

I joined PwC in 2006 in London, England as a campus recruiter. I was impressed by the opportunity to work for the leading professional services firm, the friendly and diverse culture and the international opportunities available. I'm still with PwC after 9 years because of the opportunities. Each day, I learn something new, get exposed to a new concept or address a new challenge on behalf of the firm. I also lead a team of amazing campus recruiters, whose passion and enthusiasm is infectious.


What unique opportunities have you had with PwC?

I have moved from England to Canada, spent a week working in Singapore and visited our Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax and St John's offices. I also have a network of friends and colleagues in PwC member firms in Asia, Australia, the USA, the UK and Europe.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, hiking and camping. I enjoy being social and regularly spend time with friends and colleagues over drinks and dinners. I also have a dog, Bramble, who demands a lot of attention.

What is your ‘personal brand’

For me, your personal brand is really your reputation – it's what people say about you when you leave the room. It's important to me to be authentic and bring my whole-self to work, which PwC allows me to do. I am enthusiastic, passionate, resilient and competitive – all of which I look to harness at work and in my spare time.