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Carly Stanway

Campus Talent Acquisition Specialist

Phone: +1 514 205 5252
Twitter : @CampusCarly




  • Concordia University
    BA Human Relations

Line of Service

Actuarial, Assurance, Deals, Risk Assurance and Tax

Why did you choose to work at PwC?

I chose to work at PwC because of the opportunities it gave me in terms of investing in my learning and development as a young professional. PwC is also a global firm that offers exciting international job and networking opportunities, something I am very interested in because I love to travel and discover new places, people and cultures.

What unique opportunities have you had with PwC?

I have had the opportunity to connect with colleagues around the world, and being part of a National team, I am able to share best practices, exciting new ideas and forge strong relationships with my coworkers across Canada.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a big soccer player and sports lover. I even play on the co-ed PwC soccer team, which has allowed me to meet many people in my office that I would normally not have the opportunity to connect with. I love to cook, travel and be outdoors, and I am also a very passionate Montreal Canadiens hockey fan!

What is your ‘personal brand’

I am passionate, driven, hard-working and fun-loving. I believe in mutual respect, being transparent and teamwork, which is probably why I love team sports! I take my work seriously, but always stop to have some fun along the way.