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Why complete a co-op – What’s in it for you?

A co-op program is one of the best ways to gain valuable work experience, make money, build your personal brand and gain skills all employers look for in their campus hires - all while achieving your degree. The benefits of completing a co-op program are numerous; here are some of the key ones:

  • They provide meaningful work experience in a competitive campus hiring environment
  • You can experience an organization’s culture and working environment before you commit to them full time
  • Many co-ops lead to full time job offers if you perform well during your program
  • Students who complete co-ops often graduate in a more financially secure position, given they’ve earned a salary at various points in their degree

At PwC, co-op students often join us during our busiest times of the year, so you are exposed to a broad range of client assignments and issues. In some areas of our business and cities, this means you may join us full time as an experienced associate.

Hear from some of our co-ops in the videos below


Co-op with us

If you need to complete a co-op placement as part of your degree, or you want to gain valuable work experience outside of a formal co-op program, then completing a co-op at PwC is the perfect way to achieve your goals. You’ll be able to take what you learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world situations, while building your skills, network and confidence by working alongside a diverse group of colleagues in your chosen business area. Our co-ops start at various times in the year and we offer co-op opportunities across Canada.

As a co-op student, you can expect real responsibility and client interaction in our market-facing roles. To ensure your success, you’ll experience our learning culture and Enhanced Working Practices (EWP) first-hand. This means you will learn through our unique “teach-don’t-tell” approach, where we encourage you to find solutions to problems by doing, rather than having us tell you. Our learning culture also consists of shadowing, in which you have the opportunity to shadow a manager or coach at a client meeting, for example, to learn from them.

We encourage you to constantly learn, grow and excel – by asking questions, establishing contacts, socializing and experiencing the PwC culture from the inside. And, because we want your co-op experience to last a lifetime, we give you opportunities to build your network and to develop the skills and expertise that you can use throughout your career – no matter what path you take. Our coaching, mentoring and hands-on approach to learning will also help you accelerate your career and skill level. Whatever area your co-op experience is in, you will be connected to and engaged in the professional services world, which we believe is the best learning experience you can have.

Your co-op opportunity includes:

  • Training
  • Client interactions
  • Coaching and development
  • Enhanced Working Practices – “teach-don’t-tell”
  • Community involvement
  • Taking part in co-op and firm events
  • Exposure to our partners and managers

What we look for

  • Easily adaptable to changing workplace situations
  • Aptitude for building relationships to collaborate with clients and colleagues to enhance value
  • Willingness to learn, grow and excel in a thriving, market-focused environment that demands and rewards excellence
  • An ability to analyze information and offer sound recommendations
  • Strong communication skills to articulate ideas, insights, and information in a clear, concise and persuasive manner
  • Commitment to integrity, with the courage to do the right thing in any given situation
  • Business sense to grasp issues and identify opportunities to help organizations excel
  • Great grades that demonstrate intellectual agility and a commitment to excellence

Real co-ops, real advice 

Real Co-ops, Real Advice - Why do a co-op?

Real Co-ops, Real Advice - Inclusive and diverse culture


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