Recruiting Process

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  1. Research: What area interests you? Experience what we do.
  2. Apply online: We assess your resume, cover letter or CACEE form and academic transcripts.
  3. Interviews: Either phone, face-to-face, with a case-based interview for consulting applicants.
  4. Offer: Wow, your opportunity of a lifetime.
  5. Screening: Pre-employment verification of grades, job history and criminal record.
  6. Onboarding: Support starts as soon as you say "yes".

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1. Why can I only apply for one position/line of service at PwC?

Upon applying, we want the opportunity you choose to be the best fit for you.

We encourage you to explore the Pathway to PwC to help you in your decision, which includes learning about our lines of service on our website, following us on social media, watching our videos, attending a campus event and then creating an application profile.

Your opportunity of a lifetime can take many directions with us. We have opportunities in Actuarial, Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Deals, Risk Assurance Services and Tax. Each role empowers you to connect and collaborate with some of Canada's best-known brand names and industry leaders, but the work is different. This is why we look for a thorough understanding of the position, type of role and your passion for this field.

2. Are certain lines of service or cities easier to gain a job in than others?

In short, the answer is no.

We apply the same high standards across all of our offices and lines of service, from Vancouver to St. John's. Gaining a role with PwC is not a numbers game. You need to demonstrate the skills and passion for the role. To stand out from the crowd, we encourage you to research, network and highlight your achievements.

3. How can I stand out from the crowd?

To stand out from the crowd, define what makes you exceptional and maximize your strengths. Be the best of you.

First impressions count, especially at an event or a career fair. It's important you prepare for your first interaction with us: dress well, do your research, brainstorm questions and know what makes you unique. Being confident and enthusiastic makes a positive impact. A smile and a good handshake go a long way too. Approach us one on one—try not to hang out with friends at recruitment events.

Secondly, prepare a flawless resume and cover letter, free from spelling and grammatical errors, addressed to the firm you're applying to. Highlight your achievements in roles and extra-curricular activities, such as sports, volunteering and professional experience. Ensure you use an easy to read font and that your resume is no more than two pages.

4. Do you consider GPA when reviewing applications?

We use your cumulative GPA, as well your accounting and tax courses for CA/CPA roles, when reviewing your application. We believe your grades are a predictor of your future success in CA/CPA exams, and a testament to your intellectual agility and work ethic.

'Smarts' are important to us, but equally, we look to identify people who have outstanding soft skills including: teamwork, project management, leadership and communication skills. We'll be looking for strong examples on your resume and in your interview.

If your grades are a little lower than your friends, but you have led teams and excelled in other areas, such as sports, professional experience or volunteering, we will take this into account.

5. Is travel/mobility required to work for PwC?

Whatever area of PwC you join—travel and mobility to our clients' offices will be needed and expected.

We're a client service business, looking to provide our clients with the best service we can. This may involve working at the client site for an audit, tax, or consulting project. You may also need to attend meetings with clients and industry leaders in the field.

To be successful in any of our roles, you need to be comfortable with frequent travelling and changing environments.

6. Why should I do my CA/CPA in public accounting rather than industry?

As a public accounting firm, we specialize in the training and development of CA/CPA students.

You are our most important resource. We invest heavily in your career to help you learn, grow and excel. Our teach-don't-tell approach to learning, coaching-focused culture and access to highly-talented people, provides you with the opportunity to really shine. The skills, insights and connections you gain at PwC are career defining, as you collaborate with some of Canada's best-known brand names to entrepreneurial companies. It will benefit you for life.

Also different is our leading industry UFE/CFE program with dedicated teams of L&D professionals in our 'CA/CPA Centre of Excellence'—they are here to help you succeed in your exams.

7. How long will it be before I can take a Global Mobility assignment?

With us, you can grow your career in any of the 158 territories where PwC has offices.

Opportunities to gain experience in another culture are usually available to senior associates or higher. For CA/CPA roles, you'll need to be fully qualified.

Global opportunities are based on business need. Other PwC member firms will consider your performance with us, as well as your soft skills and expertise through interviews. If you're eager to gain a global opportunity, our dedicated Global Mobility team will help you realize your dream and ensure a smooth relocation experience.

Prior to a global mobility assignment, you may have the opportunity to work abroad for PwC, as part of a specific client engagement or on a short tour, usually to the US, to help during a busy season.

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