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Nidhi Bhasin

Campus Talent Acquisition Specialist

Phone: +1 416 814 5889
Twitter: @Nidhibhasin_1




George Mason University, United States. BSc in Business Management with a Specialization in Human Resources

Line of Service

Actuarial, Assurance and Risk Assurance Services

Why did you choose to work at PwC?

I started with PwC in Washington, DC. I chose to join the firm as the people I interviewed with took the time to understand what my career goals were and related them back to the position. I love working here and what really makes it different is the opportunities I have to learn, grow and sharpen my skills through amazing coaching experiences.

What unique opportunities have you had with PwC?

Not only have I worked in Washington, DC but I also had the opportunity to work in the PwC New York and Baltimore, MD offices before relocating to our Toronto office. I am able to take advantage of PwC’s flexibility options and regularly work remotely from home and our Waterloo office.

Hobbies and Interests

I love travelling! I took time off at the end of the year to travel around Italy and Belgium. I have also taken advantage of my flex days and travelled to Montreal and back home to Virginia.

What is your ‘personal brand’

I love collaborating with students to set up their careers for success. When it comes to giving feedback, I am an open book and often use real-life examples from my personal journey.