PwC invests in our people at every step of their careers to help them achieve their professional and personal goals


Whether it’s submitting a group proposal to clients, learning from each other’s ideas and experiences or participating in a volunteer day with colleagues, the backbone of everything we do at PwC is based on teamwork and collaboration.

This is how we create a high performance culture, where everyone challenges and supports each other to be the best we can be and to play our individual parts in our firm’s collective success.


Caroline Gadbois explains how a new mentoring and job shadowing initiative at PwC helps empower staff.

In FY14, we continued to help our people grow and develop through our enhanced working practices (a form of team based learning), inclusion initiatives, and strong coaching environment. We also continued to embrace and foster work/ life flexibility options.

Over this period, we also encouraged the development of a responsibility mindset by engaging our people in conversations related to both our environmental and marketplace initiatives. By giving our people the right tools, we believe they will come to better understand the impact of their actions on others, the interconnectedness of our society and the value of inclusive thinking.

During FY14, we were especially proud to be named one of Canada’s Top Diversity Employers for the second year running, as well as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People for another successive year.

Workplace wellness, health and safety

Fostering accessible client service
We remain fully compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (2005) and have strengthened our commitment to accessible services by continuing to post accessibility information on, including temporary disruption notices, and providing training for all Ontario staff on accessible client services. In FY14, we also developed a new e-Learn to support the creation of a barrier-free and inclusive workplace across Canada. The e-Learn is embedded in our onboarding and annual employee training processes. We will continue this work in FY15 and report on the successes of the e-Learn during our next reporting period.

Nurturing workplace health and wellness
In FY14, PwC participated in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), a worldwide wellness competition bringing people together from over 1,000 organizations across 100 different countries to promote health, well-being and teamwork. Participants wear a GCC Pulse (i.e. a pedometer-type device with enhanced accuracy) to track and record their daily step totals, either by uploading online or automatically using their Smartphones. Over 370 of our people participated in in FY14, resulting in PwC Canada being selected as one of the winning global teams.

Coaching, Learning and Development

In FY14, we expanded our Coach Connect Program across all our lines of service. Coach Connect focuses on helping our people understand and be better able to coach to our business priorities, while improving the impact of their coaching. The program does this by offering strategy updates, tools and skill development sessions to all of our coaches. As a result of Coach Connect, we saw an increase in positive responses to key Global People Survey questions, including “I understand how my objectives relate to my business unit’s strategy.” In FY15, our external coaching strategy continued to be well received – with over 200 partners receiving external coaching to further their personal and professional growth and development goals. In FY14 we also increased the number of formal partner development programs that were supported by specialized external coaching, which further enhanced the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to our day-to-day work environment.

In FY15 coaching will continue to be a significant priority for the firm. All lines of service will continue to use our Coach Connect program to facilitate individual development and drive our business strategy. Based on priorities identified by our people, we will focus our efforts on developing the ability of our coaches to coach virtually and to coach multigenerational employees. We will also provide tools and techniques so that coaches can provide coaching on sales success in addition to career coaching. We will also continue to monitor the impact of our external coaching strategy, so that we can enhance our support for the program as appropriate.

Encouraging global mobility
In FY14, we continued our efforts to provide international assignment opportunities for our people in a wide range of locations across the globe. As a part of our Global Mobility program, we look to match our high performing talent with opportunities that allow them to connect with people, build new skills and broaden their perspective on the global business environment. Through a variety of short-term and long-term secondments, we help develop our key talent while at the same time, meeting resourcing and project needs across countries. In FY14, 220 members of our Canadian workforce participated in a Global Mobility secondment.

Promoting Enhanced Working Practices (EWP) and experiential learning
Our EWP program empowers our people to learn within the context of their day-to-day work. Incorporating structured learning routines into our working practices (e.g. job shadowing), provides us with opportunities to accelerate employee development on the job in a supportive environment. Also, EWP leads to increased accountability and a feeling of project ownership among team members while deepening trust and confidence across the team. In FY13 we worked to expand EWP across our firm, while in FY14 we accomplished our goal of establishing EWP across all of our lines of service. EWP practices are now embedded into our formal learning programs, expanding learning into our everyday activities and work.

During FY14, we actively branded EWP as our approach to on-the-job coaching. We’ve also embedded EWP into other key people processes, such as recruitment, on-boarding and performance management. In FY15, we’ll continue to focus on EWP as a way to accelerate the development of our people so that they are able to deliver distinctive client and people experiences.

Recognition and Rewards

How we acknowledge and celebrate our people for delivering great results

A key priority for the firm is to ensure that the rewards and recognition offered to our people are meaningful and timely. Through monetary and non-monetary rewards, we formally recognize those people who deliver great results while living our firm’s values of excellence, teamwork and leadership. Our aim is to thank people, value their contributions and celebrate success, whether for day-to-day efforts or major contributions.

Delivering recognition and rewards

Fully launched in July 2009, Marquee is the banner name for our new rewards and recognition programs. The goal of Marquee is to thank people, value their contributions and celebrate success. The three components of our Marquee program formally recognize those who deliver great results while demonstrating and reinforcing the behaviours that our firm values.

  • Acclaim: Our people tell us that they want timely and meaningful recognition for delivering noteworthy results. This program allows all employees to reward each other at any time with “dollars in points” that can be redeemed for merchandise and services. Our year-end metrics indicate that 90% of our people received at least one recognition in the past year.
  • Spotlight: In support of our “pay for performance” philosophy, this special cash bonus is available throughout the year to recognize and reward employees who go above and beyond what is expected in their roles. Anyone in a manager or more senior role can nominate a colleague or team member for rewards ranging from $1,000 to $7,500.
  • CEO Award: This nomination-based program recognizes individuals and teams who achieve outstanding results and are truly role models for the firm. Our people can nominate each other at any time for recognition as well as cash prizes ranging from up to $10,000 for individuals and $25,000 for teams.

We realize that our success as a firm in the marketplace depends on the success of our people. For this reason, our approach to corporate responsibility means that we will continue to invest in the development and well-being of our people, and support them both professionally and personally.

Measuring our Success

With respect to our people programs, we achieved many successes in FY14. We were able to expand our programs by listening closely to feedback from our people and continued to focus on a number of key areas we consider very important. These included:

Fostering work/life flexibility:
During FY14, we increased monitoring of workloads and examined our resource levels and staffing models to identify options to better address peak period needs. We also asked partners and senior staff to support and help manage workloads and day-to-day informal flexibility; ensure flexibility is discussed in team meetings, coaching discussions and is included in our people’s goals; promote and support participation in our myLife flexibility programs which were created to help our people manage their personal and professional lives; and encourage the sharing of success stories our people have with respect to developing innovative flexibility solutions.

During FY14, we also hosted a myLife flexibility contest, which will now be an annual event, to celebrate what flexibility means to our people by asking them to share their personal or team flexibility stories. The top three winners of this contest received points through our Marquee Recognition Program.

Providing appreciation, recognition and rewards: We continue to focus on promoting a thank you culture that encourages our people to build positive relationships with each other. In FY14, we expanded our efforts to show more appreciation and recognition through the introduction of a national Appreciation Week—an idea formulated and implemented by our National Staff Council—whereby local offices were encouraged to find unique ways to say thank you. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of people recognizing others and receiving recognition.

Engaging with our people around our vision and strategy:
During FY14, we expanded efforts to help our people understand how our firm’s strategy relates to them personally, and to provide coaching on how to better align individual goals with our broader strategy so everyone can see how they individually make a difference and bring value to our firm every day. We have increased awareness of our strategy through various channels, including: screen savers, strategy placemats, leadership video messages, online group discussions, WebEx strategy sessions, and training for our coaches through Coach Connect to help them engage their coachee(s) around strategy alignment.