Investing in our People

Whether it’s submitting a proposal to clients, learning from each other’s ideas and experiences or participating in a volunteer day with colleagues, the backbone of everything we do is teamwork and collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds with diverse thoughts and experiences.

This is how we create a high performance culture, where everyone challenges and supports each other to be the best we can be and to play our individual parts in our firm’s collective success.

Our Diversity and Inclusion journey

We have a responsibility to help our clients and colleagues understand that embracing diversity leads to a high performance culture and an inclusive environment. Diversity and Inclusion at

PwC Canada is about recognizing, respecting and valuing the diverse talents of our people and making the most of that diversity to deliver the highest value for our people and our clients. When we value everyone’s unique perspective, we see high performance and better results.

We continue to demonstrate our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace through organizational and programmatic efforts.

Strengthening our Employee Network Groups

We have various Employee Network Groups, which consist of partners, staff and allies who share a common set of interests, goals and objectives. Members engage in activities that build and strengthen relationships between our people, clients and communities. Activities range from industry experts sharing advice and lessons learned to fundraising and volunteering with clients for community and charitable causes.

Throughout FY15, we continued to support our Employee Network Groups by helping them engage our people and our clients together in networking and celebration events.

Listed below are several examples of key events hosted by our people:

GLEE (Gay, Lesbian and Everyone Else)—Our GLEE Circle hosted its third annual Pride Barbeque to celebrate Pride with our leaders, people, clients and members of our attendees’ professional networks. The GLEE circle will repeat this event in 2016.

Latin Connection—Our Latin Connection hosted its second Annual Latin Connection Cup Soccer Tournament. This event fundraised for El Centro summer camp, a six-week program for up to 40 children under 12 years of age from low-income families in Toronto’s Spanish-speaking community. The program is run by the Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples.

Women Upfront—Our BC Women Up Front Leadership Series in the Fraser Valley hosted its event in April featuring an inspiring panel of female business leaders. Over a hundred women were in attendance to hear about the panellists’ leadership journeys— from finding confidence to overcoming obstacles and achieving their potential.

Understanding bias and monitoring our progress

In FY15, we continued to better understand our uniqueness across geographies, lines of service, sub-competencies and within local teams. During Global Diversity Week, we relaunched our Unconscious Bias eLearn, Open Minds, which uses visual illusion and psychological tests to illustrate how unconscious bias is one of the main barriers to achieving and inclusive workforce that values and embraces differences. We encouraged all to take action and be more open-minded to the value of diversity because we believe that to have a truly inclusive environment we need to first understand our unconscious biases. As a result, we embedded unconscious bias awareness and training in our people processes —from onboarding and new staff training to partner development and performance assessments—as well as in the PwC Professional framework.

Global Diversity Week

Last year, we took a significant step in our diversity journey as PwC firms all over the world celebrated our inaugural Global Diversity Week: a wide-scale series of inclusion events that reached all of our PwC professionals across the globe.

This year we hosted our second Global Diversity Week and created widespread awareness of diversity as a PwC priority. Global Diversity Week 2015 was focused on the theme ‘From awareness to action’ and was built on four core pillars—understand, explore, engage and commit—with activities and initiatives underpinning each core pillar including HeforShe, promoting our Employee Network Groups, and focusing on unconscious bias.

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership (WiL) is an internal leadership development program focused on providing leadership insights, practical tools, networks and experiences that enable the personal and professional growth and aspirations of our diverse female talent. Our WiL framework fosters a community of women leaders and a strong support network of coaches, mentors and sponsors to allow participants to develop to their full potential. We launched our first cohort of 30 women in FY14 and launched two cohorts (60 women in total) in FY15.

HeForShe and gender equality

Through our partnership with the United Nations’ HeForShe initiative, we’re accelerating momentum toward equality in the workplace. We’re joining forces with leading companies, heads of state, universities and you to make a lasting difference.

Although the HeForShe campaign was created to engage men, our unique strategy to roll it out includes women as well. This is because we believe that the more men and women play an active role in each other’s success, the more we can all reach our full potential. To this end, we’ve created our HeForShe microsite:

As founding IMPACT 10X10X10 Champions, we’re undertaking the following actions:

  1. developing and launching an innovative male-focused gender curriculum with global reach
  2. launching a Global Inclusion Index to increase the number of women in leadership roles
  3. raising the global profile of HeForShe with PwC people, clients and communities

Work is underway in all of these areas and PwC is also directly working with UN Women to contribute our skills to the success of the campaign.

Visit the HeforShe PwC site to earn more about our commitments.

Supporting and coaching our people

Coach Connect: Our Coach Connect Program has been implemented across all our lines of service. Coach Connect focuses on helping our people understand and be better able to coach towards achieving our business priorities, while  improving the impact of their coaching. The program does this by offering business strategy updates, tools and skill development sessions to all of our coaches. As a result of Coach Connect, we saw an increase in positive responses to the Global People Survey question, “My coach helps me identify development opportunities.” In FY15, our external coaching strategy continued to be well received—with over 200 partners receiving external coaching to further their personal and professional growth and development goals.

In FY16, coaching continues to be a priority for the firm. Our Coach Connect program will continue to enable individual development and help drive our business strategy. With the introduction of the PwC Professional, our global career and progression framework, we’ll focus our efforts on upskilling our coaches to reinforce and embrace the value of coaching.

PwC Professional: In FY15, we introduced the PwC Professional, our new global development and career progression framework. In today’s changing world, technical excellence is assumed. That means we need to evolve our focus on our single greatest asset: our people. The PwC Professional summarizes who we need to be to meet our business objectives and deliver a consistently outstanding PwC Experience to our people, clients and communities. The

PwC Professional will be the foundation of our entire talent process, from recruitment and development to assessment and rewarding of our people, making us a distinctive talent brand in the market.

DR!VE: We launched DR!VE, a staff-developed initiative that offers our senior associate staff across Canada the opportunity to take part in short-term local and virtual work experiences. DR!VE puts the steering wheel in the hands of our senior associates to apply for opportunities to try something new, helping them develop their networks across the firm, bring deeper insights to our clients and become well-rounded PwC professionals. Since its launch, we’ve seen an increase in collaboration and networking across the firm and have received very positive feedback from staff who have taken part in a DR!VE experience.

As we continue into FY16, DR!VE will continue to be a top priority, with the expansion of the initiative to our managers.

Promoting Enhanced Working Practices ™ (EWP ™) and experiential learning

Our Enhanced Working Practices TM development strategy is our proven approach to create and sustain a learning culture, empowering people to learn within the context of their day-today work. At the heart of our EWPTM development strategy is the concept of “teach, don’t tell” - the use of open-ended questions to teach our people to think and learn, instead of providing answers. This approach is supported by five on-the-job routines: Shadowing, Team Workshops,

Lessons Learned Meetings, Rounds and Observation & Feedback. During FY15, we actively branded EWP™ as our approach to on-the-job coaching. We’ve also embedded EWP ™ in other key people processes, such as recruitment, onboarding and performance management. In FY16, we’ll continue to integrate EWP™ routines into all our key human capital processes (such as recruiting and performance management) to sustain a learning culture that values on-the-job coaching and supports the development of our people as PwC Professionals.

Enhanced Working Practices and EWP are trademarks of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, an Ontario limited liability partnership. All rights reserved.

Encouraging global mobility

In FY15, we continued our efforts to provide international assignment opportunities for our people in a wide range of locations across the globe. As a part of our Global Mobility program, we look to match our high performing talent with opportunities that allow them to connect with people, build new skills and broaden their perspective on the global business environment. Through a variety of short-term and long-term secondments, we help develop our key talent while at the same time meeting resourcing and project needs across countries. In FY15, 217 members of our Canadian workforce participated in a Global Mobility secondment.

Nurturing workplace health and wellness

To further our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace, we launched health and safety awareness training in FY15. The training is grounded in best practices to eliminate conditions and practices that could result in accidents and injuries, illness, security loss or property damage. The result was heightened awareness and reduced personal and workplace incidents.

Fostering work/life flexibility

During FY15, we continued to focus on flexibility in the workplace by monitoring assignments during peak times and moving work to non-busy periods, reallocating workloads to address overtime issues and rotating staff to ensure interesting and challenging work. We also asked partners and senior staff to support day-to-day informal flexibility and ensure that flexibility is discussed in team and coaching meetings and included in our people’s goals. As well, we introduced a Flexible Talent Network of professionals who join the firm during our peak periods only to reduce workload on our existing staff.

We continued to support the myLife flexibility programs, which were created to help our people manage their personal and professional lives based on their individual needs. During FY15, we also hosted a national myLife flexibility contest, which is an annual event to celebrate what flexibility means to our people by asking them to share their personal or team flexibility stories. The top three winners of this contest received points through our Marquee Recognition Program.

Providing appreciation, recognition and rewards

We continue to focus on promoting a mindset that encourages our people to build positive relationships with each other. In FY15, we challenged our staff and partners to find unique ways to say thank you. The result was a significant increase in the number of people recognizing others and receiving recognition. And while Marquee rewards usage went up, it as the personal actions that mattered most to staff.

Measuring our success

The Global People Survey (GPS) results are one way that we track how we’re doing as a high performance culture. We continue to look closely at our results to see where we can work to make things even better. Our people engagement score increased two points to 77% in FY15 compared to FY14 and we hope to see even greater results next year. Some of our GPS indicators can be found in our KPI table.

Our people engagement score increased two points to 77% in FY15 compared to FY14 and we hope to see even greater results next year.