Our largest office in Canada—18 York Street in Toronto—a LEED Gold certified tower— celebrated its third anniversary in FY15. As part of our facilities selection and management process, we work with our landlords to continue to look for ways to improve our processes and facilities across Canada.

For example, in FY15, we increased awareness about how our office spaces align with our sustainability goals through an active employee engagement program. We also identified opportunities for reducing our energy use, including optimizing our heating, ventilating and air conditioning schedule and participating in Earth Hour.

We recognize that one of our biggest opportunities to increase our workspace efficiency is to reduce energy and resources by taking up less square footage. For us, this means doing more with the space we have—including promoting flexible work arrangements and enhancing our hoteling systems. That’s why, in FY16, despite keeping our employee base stable, we plan to decrease the amount of office space we use.