Engaging our People

Employee engagement

PwC’s environmental network is the foundation of our environmental stewardship strategy. In FY13, we brought together our environmental and community engagement committees under one banner. Our renewed Corporate Responsibility (CR) committees provide opportunities for staff passionate about environmental stewardship and social impact to connect with others and share their ideas about how to bring this work to life. In FY14, CR committee membership remained stable with almost 200 members made up of 13 local committees across 22 offices in Canada. Our committee members are driving change both within PwC and out into our broader community, raising awareness among colleagues and clients and building skills as responsible leaders.

In FY14, we hosted a live national webinar to connect sustainability professionals and our CR committees around the country to discuss emerging sustainability issues. Experts shared their knowledge of waste management, sustainable architecture and design and local food sourcing and production – and answered a range of questions posed by committee members. At the end of the webinar, all participants made pledges to become more sustainable. You can readmore about the great work that our CR committees in Ottawa and Winnipeg have done, further in this section.

In total, 1,763 of our people across Canada participated in CR Week activities. This number remained stable compared to FY13, and represents almost 30% of our employee population.