Engaging our People

Our CR committees are at the foundation of our environmental stewardship initiatives. They provide opportunities for staff passionate about environmental stewardship and social impact to connect with others and share their ideas about how to bring this work to life. For example, in Atlantic Canada, our committees organized a webinar for staff related to energy efficiency at home and in the office to help drive awareness. In FY15, CR committee membership remained stable with almost 200 volunteer members made up of 13 local committees across our offices. Our committee members are driving change both within PwC and in our broader community, raising awareness among colleagues and clients and building skills as responsible leaders.

As a CR champion for the past three years, I am able to promote sustainability and well-being across our office and influence people to do good things in the community. This is a very rewarding role and helps me incorporate my passion into my work life. I am proud to work at a firm that promotes corporate responsibility as well as it does!

—Sabreena Braich, Sr. Associate

Raising awareness through Corporate Responsibility Week

In FY15, we continued to build on the success of our annual Corporate Responsibility Week (#CRweek) by broadening our programs to encourage more of our people to become involved in environmental stewardship initiatives, community support, promoting responsible business and fostering inclusion. Our committees engaged their local staff, partners and clients to team volunteer in events impacting local environment and community organizations, including tree planting and taking care of local gardens and parks.

In total, 1,812 of our people across Canada participated in #CRweek activities. This number remained stable compared to FY14 and represents almost 30% of our employee population. In FY16, we hope to align our #CRweek initiatives with goals outlined in the new Environmental Management Plan.