Turn your business volunteers into “advoteers” today

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion concerning corporate social purpose. While the idea is not new, blogger Paul Klein reframes the concept as the balance future leaders hope to find between long-term economic value, widespread community benefit and the development of social capital. Social purpose comprises three core concepts:

  • Bringing relevant leadership to fruition
  • Defining why businesses exist
  • Expanding corporate responsibility well beyond embedding good social, environ¬mental and economic values into business operations

We only need to look outside our windows to see the impact of worldwide “Occupy” protests. Whether reflecting upon the myriad of views and experiences that are shaping a complex conversation, or trying to grasp the depth of knowledge that’s behind the movement itself, it’s clear that a call for individual action is paramount.

The article first appeared in the November 2011 issue of Canadian Fundraising & Philanthropy™ magazine. PwC republished it here with permission.