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Investing for effective impact: Changing donor perceptions about not-for-profit efficiency in Canada
The media and the public are asking not-for-profits for additional accountability by posing difficult questions about how funds are allocated within organizations to achieve an intended impact.

Alumni University - Not-for-Profit Board Basics
Not-for-Profit Board Basics, a webinar that aims to provide board directors with key information about the skills, duties and liabilities needed to join a not-for-profit board or committee.

March 21, 2013 Federal Budget: How it affects you and the charitable and not-for-profit sector
Brenda Lee-Kennedy and Audrey Diamant share highlights from the federal budget related to charities, other not-for-profit entities and charitable giving.

When it’s a good thing to have your head in the clouds
Learn about the pitfalls of not embracing innovative ways such as cloud computing to fundraise, improve processes and measure success from our CR director James Temple (@CSRJames on Twitter).

Turn your business volunteers into “advoteers” today
In this article, our Corporate Responsibility director James Temple discusses the balance future leaders hope to find between long-term economic value, community benefit and the development of social capital, and the concept of “advoteering.”

Webinar: The role of the not-for-profit board treasurer
A not-for-profit board treasurer’s role can be a complex one. Watch this 90-minute webinar for results from round table discussions with board treasurers from across the sector; a review of leading tools and resources, and more.

Corporate Grant Proposals: Stewarding Success
To help not for profits target relationship building and deliver the objectives they hope to achieve from their partnerships, our Corporate Responsibility director James Temple (@CSRJames on Twitter) offers three helpful tips.

The Pro-bono Paradox: Re-thinking How We Share Experiences
Pro-bono work can create great benefits for both the non profit and the corporation involved. However, James Temple, PwC’s corporate responsibility director, wonders if organizations can make approaches to pro-bono work better? Read his article to find out.

Corporate Responsibility: Why it’s crucial for your business - Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, PwC Corporate Responsibility director James Temple gives a commentary about CR, what it is exactly and why it is so important for your business.

Why Corporations Fear Advocacy
Much like corporate responsibility, the integration of social values in a business or a community is a journey. In this article, James Temple, PwC's corporate responsibility director, encourages people to embrace social change by looking through the eyes of a funder and a recipient.

How Not-for-profit Principles Can Empower Business
In this article, James Temple, PwC’s director of corporate responsibility, discusses how corporations can redefine value by emulating their not-for-profit counterparts.

Simple Speak: Creating a Common Language for Funder Relations
One of the most frequent questions any funder hears from not for profits is how to make a strong proposal. In this article, the PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation's James Temple, discusses the importance of creating a common language between funders and recipients, and three ways to get started.

Capacity Building: Investing in not-for-profit effectiveness
To brainstorm how to improve the capacity issues not for profits face, PwC facilitated a series of roundtables with members of the non-profit and private sector. Read this report for the outcome and share your feedback.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation Volunteer Continuum
The continuum can be re-purposed by any individual or organization to assist with examining the relationship between personal and business development, and community program design and impact. Learn more in this document.