National Volunteer of the Year Award

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The National Volunteer of the Year Award is the culmination of the Volunteer Recognition Program. This award recognizes one individual selected from among our Volunteers of the Year for his/her outstanding achievements in the community and for upholding our PwC values. As a result of being named National Volunteer of the Year, PwC presents the recipient’s charity with a $10,000 award.

2012 National Volunteer of the Year

Jaclyn Demianyk: 2012 National Volunteer of the Year
PwC honoured Jaclyn Demianyk for her outstanding volunteer efforts as treasurer for Camp Kakepitay, a camp built by members of the Deaf community and run by the Winnipeg Church of the Deaf.

Jaclyn Demianyk
Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Winnipeg Church of the Deaf - Camp Kakepitay

For over five years, Jaclyn has volunteered as treasurer on the board of directors for Camp Kakepitay, a camp built by members of the Deaf community. As treasurer, Jaclyn uses her accounting skills to manage the camp’s donations and frequently volunteers at fundraising events.

Volunteering as a treasurer for Camp Kakepitay helps Jaclyn exercise her integrity, responsibility and organizational skills. Integrity and trust are very important in the field of accounting and auditing, and the role as treasurer has built her trust among board members. The responsibilities of a treasurer and the issues that Jaclyn has dealt with are extremely relevant and helpful for her classes at MPAcc, pursuing her CA designation, and her work at PwC.

As a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) growing up in the Deaf community, volunteering on the Camp Kakepitay Board has allowed Jaclyn to give back to the community that has supported her throughout her childhood. She is grateful that she can contribute her skills and knowledge of accounting to something that is valuable to her family and to the Deaf community.

“Jaclyn has been a great asset to have on our Church Camp Board Camp Kakepitay,” says David Burke, Chairperson of the Winnipeg Church of the Deaf. “Her passion, expertise, and enthusiasm have led her to volunteer, specifically in taking care of the financial work for our team. She has greatly helped us with our ongoing work for the Deaf community at large and has also helped us to adapt to new technologies bringing new life to our non-profit organization.”

2011 National Volunteer of the Year

Ana Surio
Quebec City, Quebec
Restoration Church of Quebec

PwC named Ana Surio the 2011 National Volunteer of the Year and presented $10,000 to her charity partner, the Restoration Church of Quebec. PwC honoured Ana, a member of the Tax Services practice in PwC’s Quebec City office, for her outstanding volunteer efforts as a board member for the church, and a mentor to families impacted by domestic violence, divorce or in need of financial advice or support.

For more than 15 years, Ana has dedicated thousands of hours of her time leading programs including Women of Virtue, an annual conference supporting women’s roles in our society, and Young in Action, a youth-based music program. She has also lent her skills to help strengthen the charity’s fundraising and operational plans to ensure these social programs can be delivered to everyone in need.

When asked about Ana’s accomplishments, Byron Quevedo, from the Restoration Church of Quebec, responded: “Ana is a cornerstone of our past achievements, our present projects and our future dreams for immigrant families. Because of her outstanding qualities and her natural leadership in organizational planning and direction, she has been a valuable asset to our team.”

2010 National Volunteer of the Year

Zaya Kadyrova
Vancouver, British Columbia
Education Generation

PwC named Zaya Kadyrova the 2010 National Volunteer of the Year and presented a $10,000 donation to her charity partner, Education Generation. PwC honoured Zaya, a member of the Advisory practice in PwC’s Vancouver office, for her outstanding volunteer efforts as a member of the founding team and executive committee of Education Generation. Education Generation is an online community that supports high potential young leaders in the developing world with educational scholarships and is based on the innovative ideas of crowd-sourcing and the use of technology to effect lasting social change.

Since the organization’s launch in 2008, Zaya has acted as Director of Strategy and Finance and has been strategically involved in all aspects of the organization. Her volunteer experiences include working as part of the daily operations team, targeting volunteer recruits and managing their work, liaising and negotiating with partners and advisors, organizing fundraising functions and public speaking at conferences and events.

When asked about Zaya’s accomplishments, Shawn Smith, co-founder of Education Generation responded: “Zaya has an unquestionable passion and commitment to social issues, and her hard work and dedication distinguished her noticeably from the many other young professionals volunteering with our team. Over the years, I have witnessed Zaya emerge as a decisive, confident and effective leader in our organization.”

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